Friday, May 20, 2016


U told me you want to see me again. We will meet again. And you left without any tracks. Will you ever be back?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Does Happily ever after exist? Disney Fairytale

We all assume and are made to imagine the happy ever after and what happens after Prince Charming and his beautiful Princess gets married. Note that Disney did not define that, and people all have varying imaginations to this idea of happy ever after. Have we all been imagining all the most unrealistics of expectations? 

The most unrealistic of all unrealism: you will be able to find your Prince Charming.

Prince Charming is not charming IRL
Disney puts together a good looking man and a good looking woman for profit purposes. Who ever says looks are not important in our world? Then why do 60% of woman in 20s have already undergone plastic surgery, and why bother dressing up for an interview to prove a good first impression? The most popular of dramas and movies are those of handsome leading characters, actoes and actress. Its proven popularity. So why would Disney draw a real life, not so handsome Prince Charming? Prince is called Prince Charming for many reasons, mostly commercial, and fantasy inducing that one day, some day, you will find your Prince. Which brings me to my next point

People in pain rather live in dreams 
Why create a fantasy for readers and people? Lifes tough and painful and we all know that. No person can be happy all the time, often, people experience pain in their life through loss, betrayal, hurt, suffering caused by another, breakups. Please let me know if you know a person who is happy all the time, I'd love to be their friend. People are subconsciously attracted to fantasy because it is an outlet to move away their attention from their daily lives. In addition, people worship goals. Just as religion gives all of us a hope to improve our current life, Disney does similar too. Disney fairytales needs viewership and they do so by understanding so well what human nature looks for. It fills people endless hope, fills people with dreams (unrealistic or not) of finding someone so perfect and handsome not just ordinary, and promises that one day, you will get out of suffering (as with the princesses before marriage) and assume a wonderful marriage that has not, and will never be defined. Its tough on Disney to define what isnt true. Suffering is true, finding someone to marry is likely, man chases woman are perfect days, a sweeping wedding day is true, happily ever after is not. Its tough to define something no one has experienced before.