Monday, January 11, 2016

Naomi Neo and Tan Jian Hao Broke Up

It was 2 months ago in November that Naomi Neo, a very famous vlogger and blogger in Singapore, announced in her blog post that she and her Singaporean  blogger now businessman boyfriend, Tan Jian Hao or better known on YouTube as thejianhaotan, has broken up for good. For real. As real as social media became our everyday life like we are merely characters in The Sims game. Just like how we thought The Sims was as near we could get to being controlling our profiles and image on the Internet 10 years ago, who would have ever imagined we were far from wrong about the perfect sweet relationship of Naomi Neo and Tan Jian Hao, as they show on social medias

Disclaimer: this post is entirely about personal opinions and may be tough to swallow. If not up to it, you have been warned to exit now. Good bye!

Naomi is 19 years old. According to her "breakup blog post", she has been in a relationship with Jian Hao for 1.5 years and had a previous heartbroken relationship. This means that she dated Jian Hao at 17 years old and dated before 17. Wow. That is young. At 17, I remember studying very hard and that was basically my life. Jian Hao is 22 years old and dated her since he was 20. I have 5 points to make regarding the situation.

1) I suppose to a third party, it was a relationship that was impossible. A vain model seeking for fame that dated Mr Average but growing in popularity who is a sweet talker and gets the nice looking girl who lost her virginity (sorry for the crudeness but that was how she put it) as she has announced on her one of her vlog videos Q&A. Mr Average wants to show off his young and nice looking girlfriend and at the same time, "date" her when she's young. "Date" as in you know what I mean. Girl falls into sweet talk and gets opens pants. Seriously, have you known never to date such guys? The finale was expected. 

2) but then again there are sincere guys. So how can we differentiate. So I come to my second point, the girl is easy and too sexy. Point number 2, the best guys won't take advantage of you, the bad ones make it sound like they are not. So there it is.

3) they see each other everyday. What's wrong with that? Yes, and you shouldn't too early in the relationship or if it's u stable. It's nice to stick together. So after awhile you run out of topics to talk about, Naomi mentions. Then don't be together everyday. Have your own life. Sticking together ruins the relationship. It's ok to hang out with your other friends. Guys or girls. You're still young. And yet still be together. 

4) Jian Hao got bored and he didn't even know why. Maybe because looks don't last forever. Internal beauty which has to be cultivated will last at whatever age. Don't be evil ever

5) lastly if they are Soulmates, they won't feel like they're with each other too much in a day. Leave and find your Soulmates, someone who understands you and treasure you every single step of the way. 

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