Monday, December 21, 2015

Why Adele Hello has 100 million hits within a few days

It shows how many heartbroken souls there are in the world, to put it bluntly. 

People who haven't found their love, yet tried very hard, are still trying. Some gave up trying.

Good luck to everyone in their journey of love 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Art of Being Charming: chapter 1: How to speak without speaking

Well, I've decided to write a book since I have time on my hands. I will post half of the content on this blog, which will also appear in my book which I will launch in eBook and print as hardcopy to Kinokuniya. Remember me Rhines Teo

The title of my book, is unreleased at the moment, is The Art of Being Lovable. Well for one, I'm an artist. I will write and narrate and publish my book within a span of 3 years from now December 2018. That of which means YOU are also 3 years older from now. I write my book with the much needed maturity and growing experiences will be injected so my readers like yourself may live you life vicariously through my narrative and lessons. My goal to help all persons become better people of the society and make the world a much friendlier space to live our 70 years of life. 

Lessons 1:
How to speak without speaking to your other half- boyfriend or husband.

To speak with your eyes my dear. How soulful are your eyes are how beautiful your life will be. It's certainly not something we are born with, otherwise it will be too common. If it's the art you haven't learnt about, you have to start

Why is this an art? Because 
Somethings needn't need to be said. 
Language is much more emphasized with the eyes moving in the right direction
Avoid fights 
Get your point laser sharp across
To send a subtle message 

Sounds ironic already?

To practice this :
In fact, try to go a day without speaking 
Control your eyes 

Seafood until pregnant

I'm allowed to eat seafood until the day I get pregnant. And stay clear of raw seafood for the next 5-6 years 


Craving satisfied. For now

Friday, December 4, 2015

Fighting with my Soulmate

My stupid soulmate is fighting with me

What to do in this case? I'll update this space again, once Ive solved my issues