Monday, November 23, 2015

Seafood everyday

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Largest Crab in the world

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ugly side of human nature

Human nature, the ugly side, is so disgusting to know and see

I used to stop things that I detest and hate and yell and hope it will never happen again

Now, I sit by the pavement, ordinary as can be, and watch humans display their ugly side, like I'm in the cinemas. That way can I truly see who you are on the inside.

I can't change you, but I can choose to have you in my life or not. Or be in your life. I don't have to give in to the dark side of temptations like you. Evil people are not blessed by God. I love being an Angel. And accepting all as they are. If anyone needs help, I'm here, otherwise I'll just enjoy as I learn. Kind of... Interesting and yet...

Humans. Really interesting and intriguing. Life's great even though it sucks, don't you agree my dear readers. We find joy in the weirdest things. By the way have you seen this:

Humans are just so ironic. 

M for Magneto (Hope the next X-Men movie coming out soon)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Intrigued by life. & Soulmate Expectations

Dear God

I always wondered what kind of soulmate you assigned to be the true love I have. How will he look like? What race? Is he tall or short? Handsome or not? Kind of charming? Hope he is as perfect as I imagine.

He's quite good. Checks all my lists except that I didn't realize it at first. He loves me 

What other have said:
He loves me to bits
I'm very lucky
...and so is he ^_^
He's finally here in my life
Happy for me
Wow he's quite the dream man
Ok looking but fairly perfect otherwise 

Well. He's mine is my in-my-head reply to everyone, which I will tell you here. Ha-ha. ^_-

I'm too happy. He works hard and give me the tai tai life I've always dreamt of. Except I'm kind of adjusting right now, so I'm complaining. Because I'm so not used to it. I think weird because now I have so much free time. I guess I didn't know what came with the glamorous most hankered (disclaimer to 50% of women out there) after tai-tai life. I'm bored and maybe I should do something to kill the boredom like ANYTHING. 

He says that when I have kids, he doesn't want me doing anything at all, just sit around because his baby is inside, no exercising. Sounds like awwww how perfect right? Except it's tooooo perfect. Have you had the feeling like something is too perfect and it feels so weird? Like Singaporeans have too good a life, they still have something they want to complain about, anything! Yes, so my life is like this. From now you'll hear ranting non stop of how good life is , so good it's bad. 

So difficult to make humans happy. How weird our minds work. Maybe if you're in my situation one day, you'll understand.

Good or bad, we find something to be unhappy about. Otherwise we are addicted to unrealistic satisfaction of people's approval (Facebook likes, compliments). It applies to everyone, com'on lets be honest. Who doesn't love to be praised. It's never good to have something too good or too bad, too much or too little as they always say. Always a balance. Like yin and yang. 

One thing we have to admit though, is that once someone has experienced too much of something "good" or more approval, they will keep seeking it and worse, they aim higher. Humans always want to aim higher. Is there always a higher than peak? There is no peak? Is that how we are made? And what is the goal of God then? For generations of humans to evolve much longer than now and perhaps there IS a climax of evolution yet to be achieved. Certainly there is a goal, otherwise why is it that 7 billion of us in this world is made to feel the same way

I'm always learning more about life, every single day. Life still intrigues me. In a funny way 

M for McDonalds 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Why older people dress more conservatively

New buys for new beginnings

As we get older, it's time to wear more conservatively. Somehow I don't know but I just feel that way. Let me ponder over why such behavior.

1) Dont want as much attention from boys or men anymore. Because their peering eyes are prick to my self respect
2) Not seeking attention as much as I know I can give myself all the attention I need.  
By the way have you heard this awesome song: Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld
3) it's more matured looking and professional image to project. 
4) dressing like older women as i approach my 30s. Dress like celebrities my age. I can't be dressing like I'm 18 right? I can, but not all the time.

There's fun in every age, you can have fun in anything, all you have to do is make it. Life shouldn't be boring, so shouldn't you. (yohnoyono, 2015)
5) it makes your partner love you more because you're making positive changes to your life .

Stay fun and keep lovin'