Monday, September 21, 2015

Why Singapore has low marriage and birth rates

Life's definitely not a smooth sailing dream

Sounds cliche? The only new thing is that my princess bubble dream has been burst for real.

It's unexpectedly difficult to live with someone. I suppose it boils down to 3 things: patience, personality and giving in.

My personality is quite strong as with most Singapore women I believe. Our education has taught us to fight for our rights, our opinion, and pit us against our opposite sex beloved peers, whom we were supposed to love more than fight. We have been taught that regardless, we are their equal or at times better, but in reality this does not work well and even more often, end up as a disadvantage for the strong modern women. Men have their ego and we will never win. So why did our education train women who are suppose to marry and start up families, how to destroy this fabric of their lives and of society's? It's a balance that is akin to balancing on a thin thread 5 levels from the ground. Yes I blame nurture. Why? Because things could and should have been easier like in the past.

A married women cannot be like this. 

It sucks because I've been taught to be confident, less shy, to fight who whom I will marry. To challenge his authority. My factor #1 largely answers the question toSingapore  low birth and marriage rates and high divorce rates after 10 years of marriage. 


I'm not sure how many people in Singapore I can say have patience. We live in a fast moving city. We learn to be productive , very productive and fast in order to be rich and catch up in life. Similarly , it's normal in our context to expect the same from others or we say they're wasting our time. 

Patience? Not here. It takes a lot to be something that we're not and to change a gravitational norm. Seriously. It's so difficult to be something unlike what you're used to doing and trying to be different from everything around you. 

Giving in 

This boils back to my first point. Character has a direct correlation with giving in. Giving in is an outcome of personal character. Does it make sense to say that a strong character won't give it so easily ? Yes certainly. If we can't even give in to our beloved opposite  sex we so love, how are we going to coexist and stay together. 

All in all, it's not so serious. Ultimately, the differences and factors that affect whether 2 persons can stay together or not, depends on the frequency of disagreements and how intense the fighting is. How happy you feel with the person after fights (which are normal), how you will go about to analyse and solve them well. And are both of you willing to move ahead.

It's difficult to change yourself for someone. It's always better to start younger than later. Easier

As long as your dream is there, no one can rightfully snatch it away from you. Keep looking at your dream and keep focussed, no matter how horrible you feel , make sure you always think for the other person. 

If there is a will there always is a way. 

Believe me

Yours always grateful for reading my blog
Singapore Woman that sometimes think life sucks

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Online shopping 2

My traveling to see my boyfriend in Europe soon, winter season need some thigh high boots to boot

It's the trend and every woman needs one!

Zoxo love

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Online Shopping

To keep my man as excited (most decent definition) as possible. Why why, am I the best girlfriend or what?

" Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me "

Blow $600 every month for shopping.

Stay trendy my ladies

Singaporean woman