Monday, August 24, 2015

Angmoh vs Singapore Man

Looks like I can't find any more cons for having angmoh boyfriend besides loneliness. 

Having a angmoh boyfriend is perfect! I recommend all Singapore women to find them =D hard to find, but once you found em', you're in luck baby!

100% better than Singaporean men. Kinder, less selfish, less playboy / flirtatious, big, tall, not too thin or muscular,more money, travel freaks, woman have bright future with them 

;) I apologize to all Singapore man reading this. Please forgive me for the sincere comparison. Personal opinion

On the other hand, who agree with me , KEE CHIU!!

Many loves,
Babarella Singapore Old Woman

Friday, August 21, 2015

Government and People

An observant old saying 
In a country where government is rich, the people are poor
In a country where government is poor, the people are rich (can be very rich)"

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Monday, August 3, 2015

Reality of Princess Fairytales

What Fairytales did not mention in their books about, and their disparity with real

1) the prince still comes, but he doesn't come as easy as you would have thought. Love in reality these days, without traditional matchmaking of the rich to rich, requires effort, time and lots of the above 2, and more often than not, money as well ( from male and female). It's a tough journey to finding and keeping your prince. Who ever told us that. I wish someone did, but life's about finding out the hard truth during our journey isn't it
2) the prince certainly isn't necessarily tall, dark and handsome, the 3 words that click to mind when one speaks of your prince's appearance. Certainly he has to be one of the 3, otherwise would you even date him? But may not be all. Don't be disappointed honeys, it's ok, it's  only superficial. My prince is tall, fair (angmoh what) and so-so (average western man)
3) life is a prison. Yes, the richer the family you come from, the richer the man you marry, the more imprisoned you will feel. Stuck in a life bounded by the rules of others, for the sake of being with them. Thankfully princess has a few small wild years, before her next 80 years of marriage imprisonment. In opulence, people admire you, what they don't realize is You live by the rules of opulence as well. Being the perfect good girl, quiet, obdient, hidden away in the highest of towers because your rich man wants you hidden away from other raging hormones beasts and normal people

Yes you get everything paid for and looked after for you, you have no worries except what good food to eat the next meal, what new items to add to your closet next, etc etc. life is , um, great, the way you wanted, the way a princess should live. But you have rules to follow. Always. Now you're finally for once in your life, glad you have had some wild times. No more regrets ;) suppress that wild side forever now, can you?

If your life isn't a prison, you are not dating a man rich enough or serious enough to want to marry you 
4) unlike princess who lives happily ever after, the real young princess doesn't know her future at all. What is to come. She doesn't even know if it will be happily ever after. Life's so uncertain she spends all her free time (and have lots of it because she's a princess who doesn't have to work) pondering over the future. When she will die etc. will she be able to fully enjoy her life before she does
5) the princess is weak. She is too soft physically, emotionally and mentally. Did they mention this in the books? Too weak to survive on her own! Because having been so sheltered by her parents, family, then her husband and family, she hasn't been out or about to learn survival. By birth she doesn't have to survive, people fight their lives for her. She enjoys and lives happily
6) Princess thinks about making changes in the life she is given. Which traditional princesses don't. Now with opportunities aplenty, everyone talks about change. Will she want to change her life? Maybe not. It's perfect, all she wanted. It's just human nature to be grumpy ;)

Love you all and enjoy your life to the fullest! Leave me a note

Many kisses
Real Princess 

Laska Noodles