Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hermes Birkins in Singapore

My $12000 x 4 leather bags arrived.

The beauty of Hermes Birkins

Notice the different ways my 4 bags look and are worn (4 different colour bags, a different colour bag every day of the week / to match my dresses like Victoria Beckham or Jamie Cuaco or Jamie Chua the queen of instagram), there are different ways to;

1) positions to wear the lock. 
2) wear the opening flap of the bag (in or outside to close the bag)
3) shoulder strap (across chest or hanging on your modelque shoulder) or without at all
4) the key verticle or horizontal
5) the 2 gold buckles to insert into the hook or not or only 1 inserted
6) tie the iconic Twilly Hermes way with a Hermes Scarf (mine was given freebie as a purchase with a bag, there is an option).
The different scarfs, different matching colours can be fitted onto the handles of your Hermes Birkins handbag

As you can see, there is endless permutations of possibilities with Hermes. No wonder everyone and Hollywood celebrities are so crazed about it. Once you get your hand on it (if you already have), it's amazing!

See this illustration video:

Or from Peggy Heng; Dowager FlauntTV on youtube

I wish my bags can give you some inspiration for yours (future or now).

Persuade your boyfriend to get one for you, or simply save up for the ultimate leather bag. I saved up for a year since looking at celebrities carry them. 

Never looked back since

I would love to hear about your shopping buys too share with me in the comments sections 

See you soon 

The Singapore "Hermes" Woman

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Museum of Handbags by The Singaporean Woman

My Museum of Shoes by the Singapore Woman

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hermes Berkins Handbag

My latest craze. Obsessed about Berkins. Each cost about $12,000. But it is totally so worth it, trust me. I'm BOUGHT 4 different colours display at home and of course to match my clothes! I will receive it custom made, and leather, so I will feedback once I collect it for my use 

Hermes Berkins is so beautiful and classy. It effortlessly adds to the value of yourself immediately when you are seen with it. Save and buy it gals, no regrets!

No doubt sometimes make you feel like a celebrity as many of them grace the bags. Princesses of modern history do too. It's the ultimate bag, once you own one, you'll NEVER look at another again. 


Obsessed Singapore "Hermes" Woman 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Confessions of a Singaporean Shopaholic Part I

Weekends are for ONLINE SHOPPING!

I am buying 2 items of every colour, so my overbulging wardrobe will be completed.

Items means: bag, shoe, dress / top&skirt. It must be the same colour

Necessary: Black, white, grey, brown, navy blue,
Fancy: PPG Pink, bright red( for Chinese New Year of course), dull green, bright yellow, lilac, light green 
Additional: PPG blue, bright orange, cream ( when your white clothes are more than 5 years)

14 colours in total, x 3 sets of clothes each colour, x3 different occasions to prepare for (work, casual, fancy), x 3 items = 126 pieces of clothes. Able to wear 1/3 year without repeating. This is DE MINIMUM. Please do not have any less clothes as a reader of the The Singapore Girl Life. You need to keep up gals

I will take next few blogposts to post up all my items I currently have and will add my new items very soon! Since I do mass shopping every weekend and I don't want to buy any unnecessary items. I will post up all items of my buys when they arrive, I try. Unlike the Singapore Girl who doesn't share her buys, I do!

Have a nice weekend dears

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Singapore Woman is a shopaholic 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How many suitors do I have as a Singapore Women

Hello All

I think this is a question that's on everyone's mind. How many suitors do other girls have? Well, people read blogs for a reason, to know about another humans' life, to have knowledge beyond ones self.

I have long queue of suitors. Please note that I'm the Singapore Girl's friend, not her, lest she says I spoil her reputation when she sees this *DISCLAIMER*

Currently my count is 6 in line. I don't have a relationship with all except for 1, who is my boyfriend. The rest are just man who are keen in dating me, and also we have work interests along the lines of our conversations. Not purely love love, we have work to pursue. 

It's fun, and I'm glad our generation women have work and communication is easily enable via just sending a text message and we do not have arranged marriage and we have a choice of our men/man. To marry the one we love the most. Although the downside is that  women without arrange marriage, we women take the risk of not getting married at all. It's become a non guaranteed thing, and will you take a chance? Go for your love and happiness my dears 

So back to my list of 6, I nearly ROFL (rolled on the floor laughing) when I started counting in my mind. I was telling my family and friends "please I do not need introductions, I have a long queue waiting for their chance to date princess me". 

Something that's even more amusing for you right now, I am going to share the profile of the man, using false names to cover their identities. I am not making this up, this is a completely true story in my life that I am just sharing with you.

They're ages range between 22-38. It's your guess which is which, and to guess my age. I'm not the Singapore Girl by the way, so I probably haven't revealed my age in this blog before ;) yes, younger and older man are all in queue 

1) boyfriend. Perfect wonderful and I'll never give him up :p
2) very rich man, company turnover by millions. Young businessman. Drives Mercedes sports car and own another 6 fleet of vehicles. Ok many more secrets I know about him but shall not reveal. He told me personal information which is confidential sorry
3) young businessman, has a rich and friendly father. Father drives limited edition Mercedes. From a foreign land. Very tall, slightly muscular 
4) muscular, tall, perfect size man. Super fit. Civil servant job, stable income. Asked for my number like last week? I'm encouraging him to go back to his ex girlfriend but he never stops trying to ask me out. He is so yummy but in terms of wealth, he is not yet the standard of my average boys. I'm sorry!
5) business owner of a very popular brand. Unfortunately he is unavailable HAHA. Very charismatic man, so magnetic it makes me happy standing next to him. It's like standing next to Obama or something. I think? His charisma exudes from within and it makes me happy just being around him. Very smiley and analytical man. Master degree from local public university 
6) Young boy, who is a civil servant but claims he earns a lot. Least interesting because youngest of my list and least engaging. Women love knowledgeable and capable man. Ah well. He's constantly needing my comforting words and advise and since I like dispensing it freely, well, I still continue to entertain him. Silver lining is that he is very tall and big build like a bodyguard/ bouncer. Lol. Otherwise I think he is out of my list 

I'm relishing being entertained by these men all the time. Just to note, I am not in a relationship with any of them, except 1 who is my boyfriend. Friends are great. Well these are also the 5 people I talk to all the time, which makes them my inner circle. Why not? You're who you mix around with. Does that mean I will be as successful as them? I could be

Share with you all more next time. 

If you're interested and support me blogging here, leave a comment and tell
me the topic you would like to me talk about. Give me a loud shoutout and I will return it with the most interesting post that will satisfy your reader cravings. Or tell me if I'm more interesting than the Singapore Girl (just joking)!

Zee Zwan & Ownli Singapore Woman

Monday, May 4, 2015

When life throw bananas at you, I SAY THROW IT BACK

When Life gonna throw at me shitz and I will grab it in its dirtiest and grotesque form and throw it back.

If I'm facing so much problems with a relationship, I will change my ways and change the way I used to do things, feel the pain and suffering and never ruin myself. Always perservering, always preserving.

Never going to let it go 

You go girl! Let's be strong women 

Singapore Woman

When you own 2 iPhone 6 in Singapore

When you own 2 iPhone 6s and the purpose is to play mobile app games everyday. Restaurant Story 2 and Kim Kardashian Game 

Time to trade in and cash out my iPhone 6, but so reluctant because I'm having so much fun dabbling in 2 phones. It's like playing 2 mobile games at the same time, you know that feeling 


The Hyper Singapore Woman

Saturday, May 2, 2015

When someone calls you adorable or cute

Hi All

I am the Singapore Girl's Friend and I will be posting on behalf of her as she will be outstationed. She will be back in a few months and meanwhile I have the permission to access her posts since she has mentioned she is looking for someone to continue to keep her readers entertained and the blog burning with life. You may call me The Singapore Woman and like her, I will be sharing my life secrets. Hope you won't be disappointed and continue reading 

Today's topic:

Definition of adorable / cute

1) pretty sweet innocent young
2) positivity, unexpected personality, great energy

Someone called me adorable and cute, nonetheless from older people. Slightly older.

Feels nice, since a long time anyone's ever called me cute again.

Singapore Woman first post