Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Singapore Ethics

My next post is about Ethics. Why am I talking about this and how is this important?

I didn't understand this concept and asked the same question as you when I was in school. Now that I've started working, wow, many a times or actually may I say most of the time, I am placed in a moral dilemma

Ethics stem from choices- to do good or bad; to gain something or lose something, often at the ignorant expense of others. "Negative" human nature creates this problem. Really, some people who define this "negative human traits" positively, in other words, they regard certain traits as positive instead of negative, will have no problems- they will choose the bad route as I term it. Let me explain 

I define examples of  negative human traits : attempts to acquire too much of : greed, power, sex, gambling, addiction etc via lie, cheat, steal, gossip, bully and kill, etc. This list is not exhaustive but suffice as main bulk of descriptive examples

We all have experiences of such, and I wish for you my dear readers to have such dilemma because if you don't, you may have chosen the wrong path. Perhaps we don't define morals the same way. Let me share my experience

Yes I face this EVERYDAY. It's tempting to want more power, and feed my own greed ( At least I admit) to everything that comes at a opportunity, but I have to make the choice of whether to obtain it FAST AND EASY by risking it by being fallible to the negative human traits, which is the option for a fast and furious route. I sure at this point you're all judging me and saying :" what?! Obviously you DONT. What is the Singapore Girl thinking. %#+{£}*#•\. " com'on, let's just say we're all in the same boat ;)

The only thing that's stopping one from taking a risk to the dark side, is religion. It holds one back is the belief you have. Your moral principles and path and eventually as an Angel or Suffer in hell. 

Right now, if you think about now, there's really nothing stopping you

History proves, I have seen many friends moving on to the dark side in terms of moral choices in their personal lives, and indeed they have it good. Some great leaders, famous AND infamous. Nothing is stopping you.

Infact, the better life tempts you. Why suffer so bad , with little friends, when the opportunity presents to you to take something away from someone, like all her bunch of friends you know? The dark side can bring temporal or happiness enough to last some time. That is if you believe,  before karma kicks in

Do you believe in karma ? What goes around comes around. 

Honestly, karma or current happiness? You choose.

I'm in a huge dilemma myself, everyday, take the easy route, not wise enough to know what lies ahead or to take the painful and tough journey and soilder on, or lose it all??? Suffer in silence and in hopes one day the world will bring you a better life as you stay as Ms Goodie Good Shoes. Maybe there's reward being Ms Goodie

I don't know, what about you? I would like to hear your thoughts, your life, or some kind advice you have

>>> I've decided to be honest and write down some of the dilemmas I face at this age. Just to share with all of you as I wish my blog serves as an inspiring lesson and make your time reading this worth while. Thank you loyal readers/ fans of yohnoyono. Love you. 

- (Decent) Random networking and meeting and being in the same social circle and good friends with extremely rich and young married men / businessman in their early 30s, all drive sports cars, company revenue several millions per year, about to IPO, who act like they're single, chasing girls like us. Until you check / find out without asking them, and get the shock of your life. They're very rich, charismatic and just so nice. Shame they're married.
My decision: Resisting to react to them because what goes around comes around. Apparently on Google you get to read all of this and end up, the ladies themselves get cheated on and tortured by their husbands they so loved. It is very difficult girls, let me just say this. Because we all meet very often during official meetings and they run successful businesses, you have all probably touched or eaten one of their products before ;) and some end up as my direct working partners!!! Help me 

And then you read about Cherie who is billionaire Peter Lim's wife, who (rumored) is second wife to him, successfully married rich from secret . And Jamie Cuaca or Jamie Chua, the famous Air Stewardess who appeared on channel 8 star awards night 红星大奖 , reminded me of marrying wealthy. How different is it to live a richer life than I have now? Am I being greedy? Haha like buying Chanel bags every other month 👍 good right. Sorry just to let you all know I was just dreaming, not coming true  

- we all know that few bitches in our lives. They're pretty, smart, in your social circle, but insecure and full of malice and hurtful jealousy of your confidence. They keep coming, never dissipating. You find them at every corners eye balling you with jealousy and wearing green (with envy) clothes. They try to bring you down, bitch about you at every opportunity, create false rumors and impressions of you to others important to you, to basically their goal is to RUIN YOU. They can harm you so bad, that's what you think, but you are the only cause of your downfall, no one else.
My decision: don't bitch about them back. Trying so hard to resist and just defend myself, believe in myself and ignore them. It's so difficult, it's so much easier taking the risk to do unto them the same thing (creating false accusations and rumours of them) BUT I DONT. 100%. Sigh I don't know what I'm doing. Why're not going on the bad side when it's so easy to. I wish I get my Ms Goodie 2 Shoes rewards too and not being bullied all the time 

- update when I remember more :p

Exciting life of pretty young Singaporean girl HA HA. Well at least you all get to read this rather than not knowing at all HA HA

Singapore Girl in BIG moral dilemma

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Singapore Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce / Paste Recipe

Hi Hungry Readers

Chomp chomp chomp.

It's fun to explore the famous Singapore chicken rice chili sauce, that unanimously goes hand in hand with eating a plate of local cuisine of tender chicken rice. Roast chicken please! This Chilli sauce that Singaporeans all love, goes well with basically EVERYTHING. It's delicious and we can pair it with all food- noodles, vegetables, rice dishes, and potato croquette which I cooked (pic below) . I'm salivating all over my blogging device right now 

Yummy. I made homemade chicken rice Chilli sauce. Guess you got to be my friend to try it.

Try it yourself: Recipe for Singapore Chicken Rice chili sauce/ paste

1) 4 medium sized chilli padi
2) 2mm of ginger 
3) 2 cloves of garlic 
4) 1 tbsp of lime juice
5) chicken rice oil infused with the smell
6) 1 tbsp of chicken rice stock

Use a tradition Brick and Motar pounder (o school) or alternatively you use a blender. Blend the first 3 ingredients as stated. Then once the mix looks like it's become a paste, add ingredients 4-6. 

Place it in a glass bottle and your end result is perfecto. Just like at your favorite chicken rice shop. My sweat and labour is below in the photos.

Share your chilli photo with me after you made your own, Honeypies. Let's see how we've all done

Xoxo Singapore Girl

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quarter Life Crisis (or is it)

Hi Dear Readers

I am so surprised that even not blogging often, I still have loyal fans to my blog who consistently bring in some small money. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it very much, and it is all of you who keeps me coming back and take some time out of my life to have a conversation together.

If most of you are about my age, we are approaching Quarter Life Crisis, still, life's good! No matter how much challenges we may face in our lives, brace on and stay cheerful! Don't bother about naysayers, because if they're THAT good, they wont have time bothering about your life and talking about you! Naysayers always exist, well you cant make please everyone. After the storm there is always a rainbow, do good and you will get what all the good things you wish for (thats how I live).

1) At this age, I have learnt that people change. Every week I am changing, hopefully for the better :) To always be a better person that I was yesterday, last week and last year. Everyday we never stop learning, and becoming a better person for the world.

2) I learn to appreciate everything, living in Singapore in this day, where there is still war in other parts of the world happening now while we are relaxing and drinking a nice hot coffee while browsing the internet with radio playing from our latest mobile phone playing Popular by Mika and Ariana Grande: Its a nice song and bring me back to my schooling days, where I wasnt popular or a model and always admired girls who were born with such charisma, height and confidence. Well, we learn as we yearn to develop into the persons we wish to be

3) I wish to be a mentor to juniors to even our age peers and hopefully to seniors who in turn inspire me.  To be involved in charity with my effort and time, (no money), because its good to see the world grow and learn with you. Improve and make the world and people who are younger than myself make the world an even better place

4) Our most respected figure, the founding father of Singapore, dearest Mr. (Dr.) Lee Kuan Yew has truly changed my perspective and influenced me very much since his passing with much written about him, I got to know him much more than I was in school. Articles written about him brings him so close to us, so close to our hearts and I almost feel like I know him personally and saw him through his journey. His memorial at the National Museum was the least to say, awe striking and I will always remember his words and it is time to make Singapore an even better place during our generation. Make love, not war

5) Watch Li Sheng Wu and Li Hong Yi's eulogy for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (Mr. LKY). The grandsons of our dearest late Minister Mentor gave superb speeches which deserves your kind 10 minutes of time to watch. Their character won me over

6) I developed a sense of responsibility for this world. Life's really short,  we all grow up, fall in love, get married, have our new family, and careers and then leave a good positive legacy that people can look up to and respect. Isnt that what we all want? I am small, but everything starts from a small change, a positive change, one person at a time.

We say thank you, and then it makes someones day and the next person may say thank you to someone else.
We give way during a toilet queue (for ladies in Singapore shopping malls toilet's there's always a queue) to an elderly or little girl, we make their day and they may do it for someone else next time

We lose a little, the world gained alittle more, but the domino of your kindness will make this world will become a better place to live together when you need the world

Lets all do alittle kindness everyday. Any discussions please feel free to chat with me in the comments below. I wish I can say that my blog has made my readers/ fans good people that we can all be proud of, or that they already are as we are all of the same feathers yes? Make love, not war :)

Your Quarter Life Singapore Girl

Monday, April 6, 2015


"Sometimes, it's nearly impossible to want to get up and make yourself look what you precieve as beautiful simply because you don't want to have to deal with the attention it may bring yourself. Yet, at the heart of your being, you still want to look like what you precieve as beautiful. It's a conondrum."

Her pain as deep as sea
Her journey of peaks and troughs
How silly a girl can be
In a selfish world of reality
It may be fate
For the people she knew
Never became hers
In a world 
Through her spectacles
She is forever lost
In a world
Where navigation lost its way