Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Chinese Ginseng Soup Receipe

Cooked traditional Chinese ginseng soup.

It's really simple yet busy Singaporeans will say they are busy to cook it; indeed they are, except for our ah mas who make delicious soups that make us have a name for these soup: grandma soup

The recipe is simple: ginseng ingredients and plock in that big abalone or many mini abalones. :) I can already smell it from the words.


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to compose a song

Music is an interest of many. Music brings us to another world, that only serenity may find that hidden corner in our inner hearts. It is shuts off the hustle and bustle and for that moment, you may be given permission by yourself and the world, to find your dreams, believe in the unimaginable, imaginative picture of true being. What do you want next?

So music has roused the interest recently. And here are some basic rules to create your own song. Who says you can't be Selena Gomez or songstress the Singapore Taylor Swift who is, like her, worth $200million and counting ? You never know!

With that, I may paste some of my compositions here in the future for reference of you

Step 1 : create the beat or rhythm 

Get inspiration from songs you like. Catchy songs. This has several steps to it.

Step 1 A: choose the beats. How many beats that you will be repeating

Let say 5

La la la la la la

Step 1 B:  choose how slow or fast to move or sing them. The longer you hold your tune, the more the song will carry your voice chords and allow you to showcase your song 

La.. La.. Lala la..... La.......

Step 1 C: choose tune or pitch

1 low pitch

La 6 la 9 lala2 la1 la-3

Step 1 D : 

Place it all together.repeat this same time for 2.5 minutes. This is the standard tune. Then you will need to add the chores: it can be a rap R&B or something that slows down the fast song or something fast that brings the climax to the every good piece of slow sweetness. This has to be carefully selected, like colour coding and fashion clothes matching. Choose it different and it comes out sounding not catching on with the popular masses or your audience 

I will choose a rap because it's difficult  understand it yet sounds super cool

Step 2: lyrics time. This is the really fun part because  you are now a composer of your own, not poem, or storybook but a song. Where do you learn this in school? You learn it here at  your favorite Singapore Girl's blog. Your own lyrics allow you to fly free like a bird, to paint or write in this case, to be who you want to be or who you are or what you see and hear. It breaks and pushes boundaries in a way no other methods can express. It's lovely.

PS I was inspired by the annual Singapore's Writers Festival. This year held at Singapore Managment University from 31 October 2014 - 9 November 2015

My next post will compose my first ever song I will write

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