Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Analysis of Let it go by Idina Menzel , Disney frozen

Life in the mid 20s is juggling your love life and work. In fact, I do see my colleagues at work more than anyone else I meet on weekends. On the weekends, mostly I spend time with family and myself  watching my beloved chick flicks with happy endings and clearing my little pink enclave.

It's funny, when I think, how someone can be so full of love, yet unable to handle one. Whenever I face a problem with that special friend, it's scares me, it's de ja vu. Because the result always ends up the same- unable to solve the problem between us, we end a special friendship we build over months. De ja vu because it happens over and over again. One after another friend come and go, appearance always seems to be the "love at first sight".

I don't want to do this again. It's a journey in circles and I am determine to break out of it, yet not knowing what lies ahead for me. Will it be better or worse? I've learnt on my job that taking risk is part of life, it's part of fulfilling your hopes and dreams, it's part of attaining higher returns (driving home what economics lessons have taught). I feel so upset each time someone has a problem with me, I feel more hurt than anyone else, but what else can I do when I honestly don't know how to solve the problem. I wish I had the answers to your questions because I don't want people so special to leave me ever

People change, things change, religion has taught life is never the same. I am determined to end this Journey in Circles and accept it has part of life. You cry  and get over it, there's no need to get upset with the persons, it's just the nature of life. Have you seen the best Disney movie in many years (as touted by my friends)? Whenever I get upset, I get strength from Else/ Idina Menzel's broadway song "let it go". You have to let go of certain/ many things soldier on ahead in life. The comments are inspiring, how many people are like me! Getting strength from Disney song each time I'm upset, but it really helps, I will share a link below. Stay strong my ladies. After all, recently Singapore has been touted "Living in Misery City" ( on international news, it's even more important to conquer your sadness amid all the unhappiness and independence. Follow and hold on to your own principles. Let it go if you have to, for the better will come.

Sad Singapore Girl