Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Chinese Ginseng Soup Receipe

Cooked traditional Chinese ginseng soup.

It's really simple yet busy Singaporeans will say they are busy to cook it; indeed they are, except for our ah mas who make delicious soups that make us have a name for these soup: grandma soup

The recipe is simple: ginseng ingredients and plock in that big abalone or many mini abalones. :) I can already smell it from the words.


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to compose a song

Music is an interest of many. Music brings us to another world, that only serenity may find that hidden corner in our inner hearts. It is shuts off the hustle and bustle and for that moment, you may be given permission by yourself and the world, to find your dreams, believe in the unimaginable, imaginative picture of true being. What do you want next?

So music has roused the interest recently. And here are some basic rules to create your own song. Who says you can't be Selena Gomez or songstress the Singapore Taylor Swift who is, like her, worth $200million and counting ? You never know!

With that, I may paste some of my compositions here in the future for reference of you

Step 1 : create the beat or rhythm 

Get inspiration from songs you like. Catchy songs. This has several steps to it.

Step 1 A: choose the beats. How many beats that you will be repeating

Let say 5

La la la la la la

Step 1 B:  choose how slow or fast to move or sing them. The longer you hold your tune, the more the song will carry your voice chords and allow you to showcase your song 

La.. La.. Lala la..... La.......

Step 1 C: choose tune or pitch

1 low pitch

La 6 la 9 lala2 la1 la-3

Step 1 D : 

Place it all together.repeat this same time for 2.5 minutes. This is the standard tune. Then you will need to add the chores: it can be a rap R&B or something that slows down the fast song or something fast that brings the climax to the every good piece of slow sweetness. This has to be carefully selected, like colour coding and fashion clothes matching. Choose it different and it comes out sounding not catching on with the popular masses or your audience 

I will choose a rap because it's difficult  understand it yet sounds super cool

Step 2: lyrics time. This is the really fun part because  you are now a composer of your own, not poem, or storybook but a song. Where do you learn this in school? You learn it here at  your favorite Singapore Girl's blog. Your own lyrics allow you to fly free like a bird, to paint or write in this case, to be who you want to be or who you are or what you see and hear. It breaks and pushes boundaries in a way no other methods can express. It's lovely.

PS I was inspired by the annual Singapore's Writers Festival. This year held at Singapore Managment University from 31 October 2014 - 9 November 2015

My next post will compose my first ever song I will write

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ban Heng @ Orchard Central level 11 Ala Carte Buffet

Then the day after had course meals again. This time at Ban Heng @ Orchard Central. Seriously not complaining 

Though it is a little difficult to find the place due to the new orchard gateway now linked to 313 Somerset Orchard and then to orchard central. It is in front of island creamery the lift.

So family ordered many many dishes as it is buffet A la carte but I don't know the price because I didn't pay. It was like homey Chinese food style. Mass cooked and tastes ok. Variety is good

Foodie Singapore Girl

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Ballroom Dinner Course DnD

Then the day after had some great dinner   again. Invitation to Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom for a sumptuous 8 course meal. Annual Dinner and Dance 2014! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The China Club Restaurant in Singapore Level 52

Went to The China Club Restaurant at Capital Towers level 52 with my big family for this years mid autumn festival celebration. It was Chinese fine dining and albeit portions not to big, the food was nothing short of ffffaaantastic. Period. Review: 5 stars. I hear from them that only club members are able to book a table there, so you will need to be a member to dine there. It's a must! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars Movie Review @ Shaw Cinemas @ Nex in singapore

I walked into the cinema not knowing the synopsis of the movie that we were watching "Fault in our stars" said my friends. It's about xxx they say, I barely heard. I was just about to walk into a movie which will change my whole perspective about things that matter the most, and hardly any movie does that.

I watched the movie. The downs and uncensored suffering of the main leads who were born with severe biological conditions hit a raw nerve. It made me feel so uncomfortable, I was shifting constantly in my seat. It was so painful to watch. The thoughts that were screaming in my head: why didn't they censor these sufferings off, just like many movies who only talk about happy endings and problems which are solvable! EVEN MISSION IMPOSSIBLE BECAME POSSIBLE! What is this moviePeople were dying in this movie because of their in born health conditions, which they have no choice in. Every Hollywood  movie empowers their audience to have a choice. To put it extremely crudely, it was a movie about main leads who showed their journey towards the end of life, albeit short as they were only teenagers, a problem the movie couldn't solve, we had to watch them live with it. It made me so uncomfortable, because Hollywood movies had a rule, they weren't suppose to be like this.

I should leave. I should leave right now, and I have never left early in any of the thousand movies I have watched till now. This movie made me want to! But I did not because i was with my friends who were watching intently. 

The first part of the movie was also about trival chit chatting between 2 teenagers over matters which mattered to me 10 years ago but not anymore, so I was slightly bored.

It was not until the end of the story when everything pieced itself together like an automatic jumanji board. It made sense. 

What John Green said to Hazel Grace after he died, his eulogy to her:

Besides feeling extremely lucky to live everyday without any suffering that I know the ends of the world are feeling, my suffering is nothing, even though I know very well, at the end of life, we are all the same, and this movie described it so aptly. We are all going to go through this same thing, this movie is about death. This is the only Hollywood movie about death. A topic so nerve wreaking, and controversial, so for granted, no one talks about it. Every Hollywood movie is about life, the process, the everyday love/work/family  problems (which all seem so trival now that I have watched this movie). But what made me wonder is : NONE OF THESE MOVIES HAD AN ENDING. A PROPER ONE, a real one. Death ends the story. It takes a 2 hour to develop a whole story about the end of life of people. The end of life actually made as many memories as the whole process, if you would only treasure your time. As the show said "there is a bigger infinity than your infinity, there is infinity in 1-2." (Credit Nick for getting it and explaining to us)

While the movie pains your heart watching the leads suffer as their organs fail them one by one, this movie has the most thought evoking quotes that teaches us howto live our lives and what is most important at the basis of all happiness in life. This movie taught so much, and you should catch it if you haven't. Hope it changes your perspective too

The movie about love, life, and sadness, is so harshly unconventional, in sync with it's theme of the harsh world, makes it ever so memorable. I sleep and wake up thinking about it and it will change my life. Maybe it will change yours too

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Monday, June 2, 2014

What is the type of woman/ girl a Singaporean men want?

Ok this is a little personal

Someone, P, recently said " you're the girl every guy wants to chase". It etched in my mind even though I never asked anything about what it meant after that. Never saw myself that way and maybe I am lucky in almost every dear aspect in life, except my poor love life. I don't know if I should be happy or not. I guess not everyone needs a love life, since health, happiness is more important.

What is the ideal type of girl Singaporean men want to chase, want as their girlfriend (wife I won't say so as I am not married yet at the age.)

1) Pretty/ Beautiful

First on the list, as proved credible by many articles and worldwide surveys on Singapore men is that they are looking for a pretty wife. Tall, short, rich, average men all want this ideally in their woman. Otherwise known as being presentable, neat, of course it helps that you are fashionable, natural beauty without plastic surgery (it is obvious sometimes, just no one mentions), and charismatic in nature.

2) Tall and / or skinny

Due to the nature of Asian built, if you are skinny, you are considered average in the society. As a general note, our Singapore men are mostly quite small built as compared to other parts of the world (but that depends on the type of men you like), skinny is in! Men love a woman weighing between 40-49kg in this region on Asia as a guide. Tall girls are harder to find and you stand a better chance of being their trophy wife if you're tall. Man love tall women with long skinny legs as heard from many of my friends

3)  Someone who listens. Singaporean men love to talk so to date one, be prepare to listen to their work woes, be their support and be there for them

4) Someone who cares. They are busy people, and men love someone who is patient, someone who cares about them, and not just for their money. Singaporean men are largely overtly concerned with their expenses and money  as with their careers due to the high cost of living in our state

5) No Princess-y behavior. Ok this is one point my friend does not yet know, I am brought up as a pink princess and will always have a little tantrum as usual. That's why local men love foreign ladies as most of them are here to work from bottom and do not feel the same sense of entitlement as us Singaporean women born with a silver spoon and get everything we ask for. To be with your Singaporean men, we learn to wait, to not expect.

Being "the girl every men want to chase" has its benefits and cons. It also means we have tons of options in our love life to choose from and the con is WE CAN ONLY PICK ONE MAN. How unfair is that! I'm joking. Of course, which is the reason why I having a hard time settling down. It may not be the right analogy but it's like having enough money to buy all the types of flavours of dessert available in a shop, when you only have 1 stomach (great this sounds like a common scenario). What I have been doing: I used my money to buy all the dessert in the shop and tried one at a time and it took me many hours. I am full, while most people find that it makes sense to only choose 1 dessert to fill their stomach for the day. People claim I should choose 1 dessert as well, but I always wondered why must I, given the nature of my situation. Nonetheless, having grown up in the same society for the last 20 odd years, I've learntconformity

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Cooked my own 10 full pot of Chinese soup! Yummy

How wedding couples celebrate their wonderful day: wedding lunches instead of dinners @ Intercontinental Hotel Singapore

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Monthly Gelish Manicure @ Nail Air Nex Shopping Mall Singapore