Sunday, December 1, 2013

Top 10 signs that he/ she likes you

It's coming to end of the year and love is in the air! Everyone is hoping to find someone they can walk side by side with during special occasions especially when those days, everyone seems to be with their loved one/gf/bf/spouses.

That guy/ girl is already your friend. You may or may not like him romantically, (great if you do, then we see love blooming), but there seem to be signs that he/ she may want you to be their next love. Confused singles or not, this post if for you to confirm if your eye-candy is interested in you too! 

Great if you are also available, looking for a romatic partner, and best if you have romantic feelings for him too. On the other side, for those attached love bird, no worries, identifying these signs to could be good for yourself to prevent any further misunderstandings and pave the route for a good friendship instead. For those confused ones who is looking to see if he/she likes you back, if the top 10 signs are not displayed upon you before from your eye candy, I'm sorry, maybe you should move on to prevent any unnecessary heartaches which is clearly one-sided, and perhaps salvage what might still turn out to be a good friend.

Top 10 signs he is in love with you 

I will use "he" for convenience, and because I'm a lady. But you already know, it goes both ways.
1) He tries to talk to you everyday

2) He looks forward and asks to meet you almost every other day or whenever he is not working, having exams, on the weekends or weekday nights (note: important to differentiate excuses and real reasons darlings!)

3) He calls you so often, Afew times a week, or even Afew times a day from anywhere in this world not just Singapore, just to want to hear your voice.

4) He complements you and amplifies your strengths ever so often because you're so perfect to him at this point in time. " You're so pretty" "You're so nice" "You're so strong". Even though you never saw yourself that way... note: can be quite hard to tell if they mean it or not. Actions that he/ she does to you to see if he is a nice or not a nice person )

5) He buys you gifts, buys you dinner, sees you home when he can(walk, cab, public transport, or drive doesn't matter).

6) He hints it outrightly because he thinks you may not realize it. "I think you're such a great girl" "I like you". Ending it with a ha ha ha. Ok that was not so awkward......

7) He suggests places and fun things you both can do together all the time! He's always thinking of some fun bonding activities you can do during the next potential time out. Also at the same time, give himself a proper reason to ask you out. "Let's go to Bangkok" "banyan tree villas are so nice can go" "let's go eat xplacex next time!"

8) You're always sneezing as they say, as someone is thinking of you! 

9) He is always there for you, and promises to be. No matter you are up or down, left or right, and wishing the best for you, sincerely. Just a call away, just a quick text message response away, just a drive away, just a bus away.

10) Gut feeling. Ladies have it stronger, sorry boys! If you're reading this post because of the title, you're probably right about whether he likes you or isn't interested/ just not that into you!

Happy reading, and always loving the people around you, be it family, friends, or even strangers. 

#2 Love Guru Singapore Girl
PS As I've said, I'll be blogging more about love issues sometimes when I get the right muse, but you can leave your comment below if you ever want to ask me something perplexing you. Don't be shy.

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  1. but there seem to be signs that he/ she may want you to be their next love. Confused singles or not, how to tell if a girl likes you


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