Monday, December 30, 2013

Attending a wedding dinner at Capella Hotel Sentosa, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Weddings dinners are wonderful celebrations. Secretly, I love attending wedding dinners- while this joyous occasion for a newly-made couple sealed their relationship in the eyes of the world, as a guest I'm honoured to be invited to be part of this positivity, an atmosphere of hope, witnessing the fairytale night where the couple look so loving, just makes my heart smile. Well, this is besides the chance to buy a new expensive gown for myself to suit the attire rules and digging into the lavishly sumptuous spread in the Grand Ballroom of a 6 star hotel in Singapore. 

I have many relatives, due to the baby boom period in Singapore in the early 1960s where every parent have 4-10 children and I suppose the need to worry about expenses wasn't so imperative as it is now. And I get to attend my favourite (wedding) dinners every now and then. The next one is already written in my schedule for the middle of next year!

Today, the wedding dinner is of the Neighbour of my grandparents, whom invited my grandparents, aunts and my whole family to a table at one of the two 6- star hotels in Singapore- Capella hotel at Sentosa Island. To be honest, I did not know who the bride and groom was earlier, but I have family obligations to turn up regardless, which I happily do. 

The attire was more than formal or smart casual- it was Black Tie. For the information, black tie is a minimum of bow ties or ties with blazer for men, and long gowns and clutch bags for ladies. My jewel encrusted gown was pre ordered from overseas, a customized gown to my measurements and had the length altered for $50 in Singapore, which I thought was really expensive, but I had to get it altered no matter. Usually I alter my clothes if I have to for only $7. Was it too expensive, you think? Also, I did a comb-back of my hair into a high ponytail with curled ends, simple makeup and some accessories I bought at duty free with formal peep-toe silver heels from Bangkok. Here's a photo of my outfit of the day OOTD! Going for a neat, simple look. 

When we arrived, I directed the family, having been to birthday parties, another Black Tie ball event at Sentosa many times. My third time to Capella Hotel, but it never fails to impress, Capella Hotel is nothing short of beautiful. It's the place to hold your upscale events to host your guests. There were 2 menus placed on the round table of 10, and it was a 6 course menu with appetizer and desserts. 

They had a live music playing romantic songs. It kept the ambience alive but sometimes it was alittle too loud so we enjoyed our meals without speaking across the tables to each other.

The huge Grand Ballroom as they call it, truly lives up to its name.

Appetizers: pork belly, duck confit with foie gras ( shhh I finished my dad's share of this cholesterol loaded liver), wasabi prawn!

2nd dish: double boiled ginseng chicken soup with abalone. Eating abalone twice every month, I just had one during my trip to China just before Xmas, a treat by the relatives there. And it's free 0.0!

Diner style

4th dish: A plate of Vegetables with expensive Chinese mushroom- lingzhi and 2 other types of mushrooms. Healthy vitamin loaded dish- yummy!

Last dish: noodles and scallops and asparagus 

Desserts was buffet outside so we get to pick our favorites onto our small plates from the vast selections they have.

My dessert choices, I stopped at picking 5 only because my plate was already full. The desserts taste perfect- like those you can get from High Society caf├ęs. Well, what can we expect from Chefs of Capella hotel. 

Speeches were given by the best man, the bridesmaid, the parents of the bride and groom and the newly weds. All were respectable professionals of some sort- doctors, lawyers, lecturers and spoke very well. Related their personal stories with a tinge of humour and it certainly made my day. 

Every event is a learning experience for me, for I see the type of people I want to emulate and their strengths and courage in life. Also, the speeches so sincere, so loving, it touched my heart and i left the dinner just feeling happy that someone in this world had found their love and celebrated it with people that mean something to them. Wedding dinners and their meaning somehow always leave me feeling re-energized and leave me gleeming of hope. 

Do you love weddings too?

Singapore Girl


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