Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to get a wealthy/ rich Singaporean man in 5 quick steps

Love is real and true, love is primary, innate. But sadly and harshly honest, love is to some people who live in cities where money grows beyond just a means; money is love. Love is money? I'm not surprised the recent year debate into "Are Singaporean Girls are materialistic? Should they be so?" Making all grown man groan. Girls in huge denials. In the media recently, there is so recent 2011 survey on young adults by the Singapore Management University (SMU) starting the big hooha that Singaporean Girls score higher than Americans on materialism ranks, followed by Singapore's online video journalism Razor TV interviews and Stomp Seen this year regarding this pertinent issue. Even Aung Sun Suu Kyi poked at the country of apparent "Materialism". 

A topic I'd love to delve about, but now, I'm about to fan it. So, what is materialism? From the SMU survey, Singaporean Girls ranked social status/ career as their top requirement in looking for a man next kindess, while Americans ranked kindness as more important, then looks. We understand that this is not a good representation, and like you, reader, I certainly deep down value relationship more than any form of paper in the world, but for the sake of Singapore girls, non Singapore Girls out there who are looking for a rich Singapore man for whatever reasons (receiving gift worth a few hundreds of dollars each time, going for lavish parties, events, country clubs, having him drive you, living life in luxury),  this post is for you! As Singapore enters into the Guinness World list for its scary numbers of millionaires in the world, there is no lack of pie to pick, they're everywhere, psst sometimes too many of them! 

This post is not referring to anyone and to my v rich Singaporean male friends, sorry, a pinch of salt! I will do a post on more issues on love when I am free to do so. Also, if there's any questions you have for me or a topic you want me to blog/talk about, plz comment and I'll look at it <3 

5 Easy Steps to get a rich man in 5 months from now

1. You can get to know a very rich man by afew ways: luck, going out all the time, a friend'a party, friend's friend. Basically, just step out of the house, even at work, who knows?

2. Always look clean, neat and contented, you don't have to always be smiling. 

3. Don't ever be mean, because a very rich man doesn't write "IM RICH BE NICE TO ME HOR" on his forehead, and ugly behavior, rudeness is a turn off for everyone, and your future rich man. In fact always have a nice demeanor. Who knows maybe your price charming has always been right. Next. To. You.

4. Dream about it, because having a goal gets you where you want to be.

5. Wait. Waiting patiently for things to happen. Because if it's meant to be, you're meant to be rich, you will eventually be.

Tada! 5 essential steps to attain a true Singaporean Prince Charming, advise from your true blood typical Singaporean Girl. But do note that on the side, eventually getting for a rich man might not be all that good- 1) He may not be who you really love, you only love him for the money. 2) He is rich because of work, and be prepared to spend a lot of time neglected, can you? 3) Dating v rich man with amazing car, ALL the girls faun over them like, if they throw themselves on your man, is the attention worth it? 

I rather a man to myself, a normal guy, whom I truly love, the one for me that Life  has decided

Love Guru Singapore Girl

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