Monday, October 21, 2013

Your Singapore Girl Goes Sunglass Shopping Overseas Part (I)

The world know us as SGP or SG as we call ourselves. Have we ever thought what that stands for? Lets go to the "Sunny Green Place" or SGP. Sunny Girls/ Guys for our outgoing personalities as we like to think. But really, both just means the sun is Singapore is so hot, hot, hot. We are 137 kilometres (85 mi) north of the equator, 1/3 the size of Singapore from the Equator! (Since our favourite country Singapore is only 276 sq mi.) To put it in local terms, we are "from Hougang to Holland Road" away from the Equator. That's no wonder one can never leave the house without battling the morning and afternoon heat with sweat at the desert temperature of almost 40 degrees everyday.

Tha'ts what sunglasses are for. They serve the purpose as an everyday necessity to the gorgeous young lady (or young Mr) like yourself. Sunglasses were invented a long time ago, the early looks of it unrecognisable today. During the 1940's, it was popularized by celebrities wearing them seen at the beaches and the fashion  ensued. Healthcare professionals recommend eye protection whenever the sun is out, as sunglasses have a protection tinted glass/ plastic that will lessen the harmful effects of UV rays into our eyes. Lets not go into the biology. So, if you have to wear a sunglass, why not wear an awesome looking one which you are assured will definitely have quality UV protection for your beautiful windows.

My first post following the prelude will be on sunglasses. Here are the ones that caught my eye:

Louis Vuitton LV
- 2013 Signature Collection: Lightweight Plastic Alien Inverted Eyewear. Overseas: S$600; Singapore: $800-$1000

- My Choice: Another signature design of 2013, the monogram reflects on the shades in normal light but disappears when the sun is bright. Overseas: S$400-600; Singapore: $900

- 2013 Signature Collection: Chanel is simple, sleek, normal, not over-the-top, a balance.

- My Choice: Mini Chanel Aluminium Logo on the side, normal Plastic Alien Eyewear in spotted brown. Overseas: S$500; Singapore: S$1000-1100
- 2013 Signature Collection: Goggles style spreading on the runway! Remember those Science goggles we used to wear to protect chemicals from getting into our eyes in case of anything? Exactly like those, with tinted lenses and UV protection and some bling bling! What inspiration science class can be

- My Choice: I have the exact same one. Therefore it is still my choice. I bought this in Febuary this year and still carrying it everywhere I go, except I hardly put it on because everytime its the afternoon, I refuse to get out of sheltered areas. Even though its always in my trusty (and trendy) handbag! Overseas: S$400-600; Singapore: S$800-$1000. I bought this while I was still working and recently seeing the price at Chanel for a similiar sunglass, I moaned with much regret only hearing the boy say " see i told u here so much cheaper" and I replied " but i bought this awhile ago".

- 2013 Signature Collection: You know when  you see this unique swirl. Beautiful PRADA curls.

- My Choice: My choices are spotted brown plastic lenses, more roundish since its "in" this season. Looking more like a geeky alien is in! What about you? Overseas: S$400-600; Singapore: S$950-1000

For me, I'm torn between Chanel and Dior. I've tried them personally and still, torn in between. What about you? Among the trendist of 2013 sunglasses, which would you buy if you're looking for a pair too? I'd love to know!

Singapore Girl goes shopping! Part 1

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Singaporean Decision-Making for shopping for Branded / Luxury Bags overseas

Hi Readers

I am back. Going overseas to a country where luxury/ branded goods are cheaper than in Singapore, has made me so brand-conscious and just having desires everyday- which bag from which brand should I buy? Whats the price and how many of them should I buy? Is it classic or trendy. So instead of keeping my thoughts all to myself, I thought why not share eye-candies I've spotted here with you!

My following posts will be on the different categories of fashion everyday items that are currently trending on the arms of the gorgeous models with money to splurge. Not mentioning all of which are branded/ luxury goods. I will post on the daily items that a Singaporean Girl would use, as she goes about her daily routines, chores and life. They (although it doesnt have to be branded, my next posts will only focus narrowly on luxury items) are, namely, in accordance of ranking of desire

1) Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton LV, Chanel, Dior
2) Women's Handbags: Prada, Louis Vuitton LV, Chanel, Longchamp, Dior, Burberry, Mulberry
3) Leather Wallets: Burberry, Prada, Miu miu, LV
4) Keychains: LV, Salvadore Ferragamo
5) Jewelry: Chanel, Hermes, Burberry, Juicy Couture, Swarvoski
5) Cosmetics: M.A.C, Georgio Armani, Shu Umera, Dior Lip Balms
6) Nail Care/ Polishes: Drug store brands *cheaper, Chanel

Optional Items:
1) Belts: Chanel, LV, Hermes
2) Not Clothes: Sorry this is currently out of your average Singapore Girl's League. Retailing min at $2000 and above.

I will mainly touch the branded items' usability, looks, prices, reviews/ in my opinion (IMO),and conclude by deciding among all the factors, which is the winning item of every category.

And compare all the best luxury items of 2013 so you (we*) can all make the best choices and flaunt our expensive styles.

Your Singapore Girl shopping overseas