Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Singaporeans' much touted Sense of Entitlement

According to IMF's estimates for 2013, Singapore is the richest country in the world measuring by highest GDP per capita of $61 000 per year. This also means that on average, according to IMF figures, a typical Singaporean earn a whopping $5k a month, inclusive of bonuses. Considering that many among high income earners are foreign talents, permanent residents as well, the average Singaporean citizen per month income hovers around $4k a month.

Now I will address a topic that has been on my mind today- the sweeping name given to wildly accused children of Singapore's younger Generations, namely, Gen Y, Z and X don't think you're spared!- living with a sense of entitlement.These generation are now between ages 17-30, 5-16, 31-40 respectively. This name calling has been very popular of late by the the older people, and popularized by our Government as their usual rationale behind bringing in more foreigners. More foreigners, foreign talent, highly skilled and educated yet cheaper salary because Singaporeans should get rid of their sense of entitlement This sounding all too familiar after so many mentions in National TV that it's gotten deeply stuck in our heads. 

But no one ever asks why Singaporeans have the sense of entitlement. It dawned on me recently, it is not wholly but partly, of the typical mentality of Chinese. 

The mindset: Once you are rich, earning more than you can spend, you pass on your riches to your children. You work to give them a better life. 

This leads to children being born into wealthier families. They weren't born to have a sense of entitlement, they are entitled by birth. It's hard to accept but true. 

Sometimes it's no fault of the children of Singapore, it's the whole mentality and mindset of Chinese people, its ingrained  into our culture and way of living that we want to pass the best to our children, giving them. This is a cycle that will carry on for generations after generations so long as our culture is as such. If you were to say someone has a sense of entitlement, ask yourself, if it is in our culture and bound to happen because of prevailing mindsets persistent in our society first.

Want someone to not feel entitled? Leave nothing for your kids, give them nothing. Will you?