Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Prawning @ Hai Bin for the first time, fun time

Okay, here is one most shocking information you will hear of today. There is NO SUCH WORD known as Prawning. In fact it is a word created and spoken by many a Singaporean, once again, a step into creating a Unique language that might strengthen our little known yet culture of our little red dot against the international influences.

However new this word is to any international person or dictionary, for that matter, prawning is a pastime and leisure activity of many of us, which was unknown to my knowledge until recently. My new friends were narrating their last weekend's happenings and it was when I heard prawning. "Oh, I've never done that", I exclaimed proudly to the horror look on their faces. Worth a picture taken , but that was quickly changed when they had the idea of going prawning together with me. Just to add, this is a déjàvu incident, because many time friends speak about prawning, it ends with "no I'm not going with you because I'm going to be the one unhooking the hook from the prawn and pulling out its claws". So this recent suggestion made me really happy. It's a first time for me!

Basically, you pay either $15 for an hour per fishing Rod or $30 for 3 hours package per rod. For more people you might wish to have more rods, 2 person can share one. It comes with a rod, free unlimited tiny pieces raw chicken meat as baits, nets in buckets to keep the caught prawns fresh in water, mr staff who will remind you after 3 hours, charcoal for BBQ after the 3 hours, unlimited packs of salt, fire starter, 2 plates which you may find around the tables and have to wash them before use at the sinks. There are several prawning places in Singapore, went to the one nearest to my home of course! They are usually opened 24 hours all day, ready to fit into your schedule. Here is the list of place that can do prawning in Singapore :

-Jurong Hill Prawn Fishing
241, Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
-Bishan Park (Hai Bin U Enterprise)
Bishan No. 603 Sin Ming Avenue
-Hai Bin U Prawning at Promenade Riverside Walk .
6 Tebing Lane
-Bottle Tree Park
81 Lorong Chencharu
#01-01 Bottle Tree Park
-Pasir Ris Farmway 3 (Iwarna)
No. 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3
-Pasir Ris Farmway Prawn Fishing
Pasir Ris Park Industrial Coast Park 2
-Pasir Ris Park Prawning Pond
1 Pasir Ris Drive 1, Pasir Ris Park
-Punggol Prawning
Marina Country Club, 600 Punggol Seventeenth Avenue
-Badminton Hall Prawning At Geylang
Address: 100 Guillemard Road, #01-13
-East Coast Prawning 
Address: 1020 East Coast Parkway

Offering a Simple GUIDE TO
Singapore Prawning for Dummies by the Singapore Girl:

1) take the small piece of meat/ paid worm and place on the hook without showing the top of the hook. (Careful the hook is very sharp and it did cut me too, after which I was stopped from touching the hook again)

2) hold out the rod to the centre of the pond ( that is where the prawns are mostly we figured, probably where the oxygen tank is located and full of prawns) 

3) swing the extended part of the rod until it reached to the maximum distance and let it down to the water. So as to reach as far as possible to the centre of the pond

4)let the buoy float and wait for it to submerge fully as it indicates that a prawn is finally taking bait

5) here's the next step, teasing the prawn as my friend likes to call it. Once it baits, don't leave it there as the prawn could slowly eat the meat, going around the hook, get fat, without biting the hook. 

Heres what worked for me. So once the buoy sinks fully, slowly tug up and down the rod, all the way up until u see the prawn on the bait

6) bring in the rod, scream a little, run away, hold the rod while with another help, the person grabs the prawn holding down its claws preferably, and remove the hook deeply pierced through the prawn's mouth. ( it's a little cruel but just to get the job done most important I suppose...) 

8) place your catch of the day  in the netted basket 

9) repeat steps 1-8 until an uncle reminds you about the 3 hour time limit. 

10) when it is  time to cook the prawns you may wish to approach the counter with glassy eyes if you did not catch enough. However, note that definitely the frozen prawns are not fresher than the live ones you have caught. Some to be thrown away, don't eat the Dubious looking ones as they may cause  stomach upset!

11) Wash your prawns, poke them with the skewer. start a fire, or use someone's else's that is still burning. And get ready to eat.

Now some take away points I have learnt from my V prawning experience:

1) be prepared to be bored. Thanks to my trusty friend, we were busy catching up and talking abt each others lives to keep time passing quickly while waiting for the next starving and stupid prawn to take bait.
2) while waiting for stupid prawns to take bait could take very long, so order some chicken wings to entertain anticipating tummy. 5 star review of the BBQ  chicken wings sold there by friend! It's $1.20 per wing. We ordered 5, but felt it was too little anyway. 
3) DONT drive there!!!! 4 hours there from 9pm-1am, there isnt free parking from 10pm onwards unlike many other places. 
I saw $8 deduction from my card after leaving the place, too expensive. Otherwise taking a cab at midnight would cost at least $20 including 50% surcharge of the final bill all in all.
4) actually prawning is not a cheap hobby. As many of them we saw there, whether in 20s 30s or 50s, some bought their own long rods. For us starters and leisure fishermens, one trip would already cost $15+$5+$8=$28 for one night of 8 prawns. 

5) if u like prawns, get them at $1.60 per 100grams at NTUC and buy some black pepper sauce to BBQ them with in your oven, at home. A better and more cost efficient alternative I say! 

Xoxo, Prawn Lover Singapore Girl

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