Sunday, March 3, 2013

Manicure tool right@home

EThe busy lives that people lead today, they often find services to help them relax and take their mind off things for awhile and willingly pay to be pampered. That's why for girls out there are more spa, manicure, pedicure, facial centres sprawn up all over in malls and in town. Popular demand these services.

I started painting my polish legal age of 19- after school uniform days in junior college. Cosmetic shops never tell or warn but everyone know it that nail polishes are really not healthy for the nails. When the beautiful plastic surface chips off to expose the gradually slight yellowing nails. Smoking is bad, so is being vain. Girls that don't paint your nails, good for you! This post will interest those who do!

Since I've stopped working, I haven't been popping by any manicure shop. No stress and no money. So sticking to DIY at home to maintain clean manicured nails.  

Recently, I discovered palettes that look like the ones in manicure shops when they first ask you to select the colour you want. It could help to reorganise my colours kept in a box. It helps me to look at all my nail colours instead of searching through the stash and quickly pick out a colour that matches any occasion if need. It seems that it can be of some use, and why not, the idea that I have a corner of my room my personal professional relaxation services. 

I bought these 2 palettes for $3.90 each at a beauty shop at Changi Hub Point. After preparing the tool to serve its purpose, i choose glittery subtle pink French tips for the week since It seems like this seasons nail colour is anything with glitter! Happy painting my girls.

Xoxo Singapore Girl