Monday, February 4, 2013

"At Cali's"

California Fitness, or its hypocroism Cali,  is one of the more popular gyms in Singapore, next Fitness First and True Fitness. Some history here: It was established 17 years ago in 1996 by a Businessman who owns the world's biggest private gym empire "24 Hour Fitness" serving over 3 million members. Cali started first in Hong Kong and currently only have branches in Singapore China and HK, definitely a surprise, afterall it's known as California Fitness, not East Asia Fitness!

Saturday I made plans with mum to head to the gym, since I recently got a temporary membership there. Exercise is as important as work, no matter how busy you are, take time out to keep in shape and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Especially for most of you doing sedentary work, its even more so that you take a walk or work out the oil you've accumulated from eating your favourite Carrot Cake craving! The temporary membership is for me to try out the gyms in Singapore for a good period of time and compare them! Which is the best and gym to sign up for in Singapore? Cali offers membership of $100 a month, excluding $200 registration fee, has full gym facilities, big place, 2 levels. Fitness First offers $160 a month, excluding $100 registration fee, has full gym facilities and SWIMMING POOLS at certain branches i.e. Raffles Place. But the fees seem to be bargain-able when the sales person spoke to me, she reduced my monthly fee and took away registration fee if i signed up. So, it really depends I guess- on how AUNTIE you are at bargaining?!

I realised from my facebook check in there are comments about the quick effects from going to the gym. I believe keeping trim requires most fundamentally a good diet , not merely signing up for Gym. For myself, I really just started gymming- this is only my 3rd time at a gym! Signing up is to keep fit and keep myself occupied during my free time and to chit chat and meet up with my beloved close girl friends (whom i signed up with), mostly.

If you notice, the ladies are mainly on ground floor and the men, working it out at second level. I spend most of the time at level 1 which approves of my lighter exercises, and then time for sauna of 2 types: hydrated steam and pure steam. The recommended duration not to exceed 10 minutes in the hot steam! Sauna is hidden at a corners of the Ladies Washroom behind the shower area, and thus, only for Ladies. I'm not sure, and kind of curious if the Men's Washroom have a Sauna as well? I suppose they should have, to ensure equity, but can someone let me know in the comments if you for sure know there is, just to kill that curiosity cat!

It's fun, if you have some free time,  take some time out and prioritize exercise if you havent been! Also, while they provide towels and shampoo, remember to bring along your own cute lock for the lockers provided or it's $1 per locker per use.

XOXO Singapore Girl

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