Saturday, February 2, 2013

JB: Johor Bahru, not Justin Bieber

Singapore is linked by a causeway to its nearest Neighbour country, Malaysia. From Singapore Woodlands, one reaches Johor Bahru (JB) in approximately 10 minutes, including time for queuing to pass the 2 customs passport checks of both countries. Lets be honest, Singaporeans love JB- for it's 3x cheaper petrol prices, 2x cheaper massage prices, 3x cheaper $4 car washes with vacuuming services, all night supper places, and cheap appetizing seafood! Time for a mini getaway.

It has become almost a frequent affair with my friends, our trip to JB. While they drive in for the primary purpose of filling their petrol, I'll be in the car thinking which Lok Lok i shall have today. It's always the SAME routine for them: meet at the petrol station (to pee), drive to abalone noodle supper place, pump petrol, and head home! This supper place, always almost full of people even at midnight is called Restoran Ah Piaw 阿標雲吞面 at Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau. Its a food paradise for also for those looking to come in in the afternoon or for a (zi char) dinner with a big group of friends because just the next street there is a hawker centre specializing in fresh seafood dishes served with rice.

For driving directions: after customs, drive straight and keep right to avoid going on the flyer to god-knows-where. Then turn right in when you see Shell Petrol Station.
Alternatively, one can also arrive here via a bus from woodlands terminal to JB and take a local taxi to this food location.

Our best-loved "abalone noodle place", also sells delicious tangy wanton noodles at SGD$2, shelled seafood, big Lok Lok (ingredients arranged in threes on a thin wooden "satay" stick) road-side stall with all kinds of food ready to be barbequed for you, and dont forget to order the new drink in town- iced honey lemon jelly drink! Its a moderately sweet with the tinge of pricky lemon taste, a healthy drink that helps if you have a sore throat and prevents it in time for one. Yummy. Period.

This is what we usually order: they will have wanton/ abalone noodles (well, not for me), cockles/clams, BBQ Lok Lok sticks of crispy kangkong greens*, juicy umbrella mushrooms, golden mushrooms with asparagus*, century egg*, chicken fillet*, pregnant fish*, more meat! * for my cant-do-without selections! If you havent tried, dont miss out because you should! I never knew BBQing ordinary ingredients which we love to boil or cook in chinese gravy taste so much different and better. For example BBQ century eggs have a crispy shell before your teeth sinks in gradually to the softness of the bouncy egg. Lok lok is ALL of the food having a crispy outer texture to it, cooked. I thought:  BBQ parties wouldnt have to go, we could all prepare our own Lok lok and enjoy a scrumptious meal in our own homes!

Just to add, there are people selling and flying the Taiwan's Sky Latern or Kong ming Lantern, where people write their wishes for the year on the latern and fire is lited to float the lantern up. Nevermind even if you missed the 15th day of the Lunar Calendar in time for the annual Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan, you can do the same here with your loved one if you're bored.

Enjoy a trip to JB, but remember to change for Ringgit before you go, and maybe be a little mentally prepared that ITS OKAY and it WORTH it to gain that few pounds after.

XOXO Singapore Girl

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