Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A new salon in town

Cutting any hair from any part of your body is a routine in our lives, be it how often we do that. Typically, guys cut their hair every 2 weeks and girls some once every year! Thats funny because our hair all grows the same length and the difference is peculiar. There is simply no reason to explain this besides conforming to a social trend. How sometimes when you think about why someone does something, there is no contextual reason besides the human need to feel similar to others!

Hair salons have evolved into lifestyle beauty salons providing massage, nail manicures, hair treatment, dye, a place with music and magazines corners all in 1 room. When you walk pass the hair salons under HDBS, you'll realize how much it has evolved.

Athens beauty salon is another one of my finds during night walks with friends at Serangoon Gardens. Nested on the second floor of the traditional shop houses, the full windows allow preview into goddess theme furnishing- 6 2metres tall golden mirrors, chandeliers. I thought I just have to check it out one day! Today with monthly bad cramps, getting a headache from lying in bed the whole day, it is perhaps nice to have a nice afternoon tea and trim my unruly morning mane.

The door next to Cedele led me to shimmering golden staircase leading up to Athens ( salon). The small space was fully utilized every corner. The theme furnishing amazingly lives up to the name of this salon. 6 huge Greek mirrors. Ok, I have a thing for mirrors because I'm still looking for a perfect mirror for my room and secretly wishing I would be told I'm the 100th visitor and could take one of these home! For the prices, they range from $35-50 for a hair cut, $70 onwards for dye but they're currently having them at $35 for dye touch up/ highlights along with complimentary treatment and wash.

If you like a nice environment to get a nice hair cut, this place if for you! This is not a place is you're looking for small talks to kill boredom or excellent service, and the other customers looks just abit too snotty, really take comfort in that their attitude dont represent most Singaporeans'! Good night readers!

On a side note, Ive been thinking hard about blogging my insights about the latest online saga in town (have you heard????) , and the Groupon Trip post will be out soon before I fly again this weekend! Stay around ok!

XOXO Singapore Girl

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