Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Punggol By-Election results

26 January, Singapore has seen its second political by-election since members of parliament (MP) have been elected in the General Election in May 2011. Exactly a year later, Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong from from was outst by his political allegiance, The Workers Party (WP), due to alleged extramarital affairs with a colleague. Watch a parody podcast of this by Mr Brown Show, our favourite place for political humours! Recently, Punggol MP Michael Palmer from the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) voluntarily resigned from YET another drama of extra-marital affair with his colleague Laura Ong! It a funny coincidence that both by-elections were borne from moral obligations instead of not doing their job well.

And the results for the recent Punggol by-election, WP won! Sales trainer Lee Li Lian won a doctor by profession Dr Koh Poh Koon. Of course, I do think qualifications matter in selecting our MPs because they need to have the knowledge to solve problems associated with various fields of studies and be able to communicate to national and international crowds appropriately. Equally important is the commitment to solve acutally get down to help better the life of the people. This time, seems like people voted commitment over qualifications.

WP, also Singapore's strongest opposition party, won BOTH by-elections. The political dynamics here is changing and the results probably reflect voters sentiments about the ruling party? Perhaps WP may be having better suggestions of policies, better candidates. But possibly Singaporeans are also frustrated with having one party decide and pass their policies without constructive opposing voices. This in addition to the current economic problems (expensive cost of living, highest paid politicians in the world, traffic congestion, expensive public housing, etc) associated with its policies that they JUST don't want to vote for the ruling party.

In my opinion, the policies of the ruling party are tried and tested, while the opposition parties, they are merely words and untested ideas. The fact that people would take a risk and vote for something untried, it probably means they are voting against what has been tested. Don't think this election results is as the headlines put it "By-election not a sign of trend for General Election, Low" (The Straits Times, 28 January 2013)

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zoe Raymond Saga

Sex scandals fronting newspapers are the real scandals of the Singapore media 2012. They are really distractions in our  media from real issues such as the high 4% year on year inflation going on, how eurozone has already gone into recession, how money is printed to solve debts in developed countries, and our money is worth lesser at a faster pace.

But since we Singaporeans are led to be more interested in love scandals and their court cases, so we shall. It started from the unnamed underage 17 year old social escort & misconduct of Shaw Brother's Howard Shaw & 55 successful men to sexual corruption crime of Cecilia Sue & Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) Director Ng Boon Gay to unethical political conduct of Lawyer and politician Michael Palmer with colleague Laura Ong. Next, Facebook brings the latest online scoop- engagement wreakage involving parties called Alvin & Yuki and Zoe Raymond!

Who the hell are they, right???

In a quick summary, Zoe Raymond Saga is a dramatic love triangle involving 3 main personalities- Alvin (34 years old) the engaged groom-to-be who cheated, Yuki (33 year old)  Malaysian bride-to-be, Zoe Raymond (23 year old) now infamous blogger and blogshop model who was the third party. 

Basically, Yuki created a facebook page which grew from 4k likes to 25k likes in 4 days about a third party who caused the engagement planned 4 months ago to get called off. Yuki wrote 2 articles (translated) in chinese chronicling her perfect love story with Mr Alvin, sweet proposal, having wedding photos taken and invitations already sent out to all family and friends. Meanwhile, Alvin met Zoe when he was the best man for his friends wedding and started to have an affair with hot Zoe. Then Zoe purposely left all evidences of her presence, leaving her clothes in Alvin's car boot, snacks and drinks that Alvin never likes in his car, and used up 10 condoms in 1 month as Yuki counted from Alvin's drawers. All while Alvin was still together with Yuki. Alvin's doctor dad even went to Zoe's office to tell her to let Alvin go, with Zoe brushing them off saying they were just friends!

Zoe Raymond Saga has rallied the whole community of girls (and guys) because we know how it feels to be rejected, to lose someone we love for no reason, to be lied to by your guy, to have something we treasure taken away from us depite our efforts to keep it. Deep down, it really shows even as our Asian culture have been influenced by more open-minded western behavior, faithfulness and monogamy is still very much a esteemed principle in our society.

Opinion about the Zoe Raymond Saga:

Alvin Yang

Oh, give his guy a BREAK because he's just the normal unfaithful guy you find on the streets in Singapore! Its natural to be sexual, isnt it? Give any unfaithful Singaporean man a younger chick who willingly falls onto you and guess he will say no?  If only Yuki realise he is so unthrustworthy earlier! This guy, is a big FAT NO NO. You get 25k Thumbs pointing down for you! Girls, please do not pick a guy like Alvin;  guys, dont be a man without values, love your girl for who she is!

Yuki Ng

We love this dear for her strength to overcome the most unfortunate love obstacle that can happen to anyone. I guess we wish all the best for her because as they say at the end of the tunnel you'll see light. To any normal girl, it is possible to go into serious depression and develop a phobia for guys. She's hurt by the man whom she trusted and loved for many years; girls are vunerable no matter how strong they want to appear. Yuki is courageous enough to expose her personal life and shed light on the behaviors of third parties these days in spite of her sadness!

Just to be fair, evidently, Yuki got her sweet revenge but cant deny she is quite a sly one! She is so persuasive to the extent of managing to convince 25k supporters from both Singapore and Malaysia to sympathsize with her, and elict so much angst from the public to churn out a 171 of forum pages of hatred thrown onto Zoe Raymond, no less! Lets not go to the *already meticulously one-by-one deleted* hate comments on Zoe Raymond's public facebook page.

Zoe Raymond: 

Zoe never thought about the consequences of her actions despite she already a 23 year old adult. She never thought it would hurt someone else so much. I think by now she would have learnt a very precious lesson the hard way thanks to all the netizens out there and never do it again, hopefully!

Zoe's blog was popular because was inspiring to all girls who want to live a life of restuarants, blogshop modelling, hot body, optimism, to be a sincerely cheery girl who lives a life of principles, a nice girl...all these hopes gone. Realised it might all just a facade of the famous Zoe, isnt it? Any sponsors that continue riding on Zoe's infamous image would be giving the message that the value of being unfaithful is ok. A brand that betrays, sabotage.

Addressing the much suggested outcome that she now has got the "fame" she always wanted, I do not think so. If Zoe has always painted a positive, good life, daddy's little expensive girl image on her blog and avoided speaking about her negetive feelings, she must not like this negetive publicity from her behavior. 

To be fair, I must say that Zoe is a survivor and person of persistence. She survived all the CYBERBULLYING. With all the bad publicity, she closed off her blog for several days over Xmas and New year, meticulously deleted one-by-one hundreds of criticisms on her page calling her names, she is back with a smile mask to hide her "inner beauty". Well, and at least Zoe apologized by creating another facebook page before deleting her apologetic posts after receiving hundreds of negetive comments. No matter at least she did... not?

MONEY for the opportunist: make it movie saga of the year and PROFIT!

If you think about it, the script is all written, publicity all done, really, all one needs to do is have capital, buy over Yuki's copyright and find some local actors and make the film! Budget should be small given a simple production focussing on the personality. An aspiring director in singapore should jump on this chance! Call this based on a true story, dramatise it more so than it already is, make touching love scenes and move your audience to tears. 

Learn from money smart Jack Neo, like Ah Boy's to Man style create a part 1 perhaps about the whole saga and blog, and part 2 about Yuki's life a year later. This has large potential to be an inspiring movie touching on an issue commonplace to our society today. Love, cheating, sadness, involving media, 25k online peititions, depression, surviving the obstacle and becoming a stronger person than she ever was, living on with life with a scar she will always have. Part 2, about a future time we all wonder, will she find a new guy amid all these publicity about herself? But firstly, will a ladies heart open up easily yet to another guy just after a traumatic break-up? How long will someone take to recover from a common situation like this...... Its a revenant topic today and at least you know there will be 25k people moviegoers bringing their friends to catch this Saga of the Year!!

Even after one month of heated commenting, there are some crazy ongoing rumours about Ms Third Party Zoe online! Reading the forum can be pretty entertaining; peppered with Singlish, some comments are so ridiculous and honest its funny to read, people are straightforward about about their comments because they all remain anonymous writers. Moving on, this hot topic is likely to die down, but people will always remember a good scandal. Recommended forum topic for very nosy, the bored and of course, the concerned.......

XOXO (for once only, a nosy) Singapore Girl

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A new salon in town

Cutting any hair from any part of your body is a routine in our lives, be it how often we do that. Typically, guys cut their hair every 2 weeks and girls some once every year! Thats funny because our hair all grows the same length and the difference is peculiar. There is simply no reason to explain this besides conforming to a social trend. How sometimes when you think about why someone does something, there is no contextual reason besides the human need to feel similar to others!

Hair salons have evolved into lifestyle beauty salons providing massage, nail manicures, hair treatment, dye, a place with music and magazines corners all in 1 room. When you walk pass the hair salons under HDBS, you'll realize how much it has evolved.

Athens beauty salon is another one of my finds during night walks with friends at Serangoon Gardens. Nested on the second floor of the traditional shop houses, the full windows allow preview into goddess theme furnishing- 6 2metres tall golden mirrors, chandeliers. I thought I just have to check it out one day! Today with monthly bad cramps, getting a headache from lying in bed the whole day, it is perhaps nice to have a nice afternoon tea and trim my unruly morning mane.

The door next to Cedele led me to shimmering golden staircase leading up to Athens ( salon). The small space was fully utilized every corner. The theme furnishing amazingly lives up to the name of this salon. 6 huge Greek mirrors. Ok, I have a thing for mirrors because I'm still looking for a perfect mirror for my room and secretly wishing I would be told I'm the 100th visitor and could take one of these home! For the prices, they range from $35-50 for a hair cut, $70 onwards for dye but they're currently having them at $35 for dye touch up/ highlights along with complimentary treatment and wash.

If you like a nice environment to get a nice hair cut, this place if for you! This is not a place is you're looking for small talks to kill boredom or excellent service, and the other customers looks just abit too snotty, really take comfort in that their attitude dont represent most Singaporeans'! Good night readers!

On a side note, Ive been thinking hard about blogging my insights about the latest online saga in town (have you heard????) , and the Groupon Trip post will be out soon before I fly again this weekend! Stay around ok!

XOXO Singapore Girl

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy new year readers! A new year means to look back on the last year and tell myself: I got through 2012, with no regrets and this year definitely has got to be better! Have you set your Resolutions for 2013? Do share it with me by commenting below. It is always a headache for me because I can get quite easily contented.

It is interesting to know how people celebrate the last day of the year counting down with friends, neighbours, family, lover. For me, I met my "last new friend of the year" at an afternoon golfing session. He is the instructor for my first free lesson of Golf as I will be doing work for them. Debunk the notion that Golf is an easy sport ONLY for the rich and old businessmen, this game is for anyone who is curious to learn and it can be tiring because you will need to consistently work your arm strength! Its a game of art, exercise, social, challenge, friendliness, and common topic. I recommend if you have the time, golf is something you might want to consider taking up for leisure and knowledge! Here are some of the golfing positions!

Now here's the part for the girls. My golfing instructor is Mr Eligible Bachelor 2012. I was expecting an average guy probably in his 30s. As we conversed through the lesson and learn more about him, i thought: OMG? My instructor is in his late 20s, graduate from a local University, the founder of this company, top banker, drives a 2 seater cabriolet, a very nice guy, easy to click with, and most of all, SINGLE!!! Girls, grab him before hes gone, i'll do introduction for a small fee! Im kidding! Hes mentioned he has taught 2 very famous and gorgeous Singapore bloggers, Velda and Beatrice Tan golf before too! From our conversation, he definitely sounds like an ambitious, successful young guy, and Im really honoured to be learning from him.

Every new year, like many young Singaporeans, I love to indulge in my same routine- meet my friends/ bf for dinner, squeeze with the crowd at Marina Bay, anticipate excitedly for 12 midnight, countdown and squeeze among the crowd for the train home. 2012 is different, its the first year I spent it quietly with a friend at a cafe at a corner in Serangoon Gardens. Such quiet comfort is a choice of the older friend who was with me. This is a new late night Hong Kong cafe located at a cosy corner of Serangoon Gardens Ive decovered while doing my rounds of slow walk with friends at night. Its opposite OCBC Bank and next to UOB Privilege Bank. If you know the the famous dessert shop "one bowl of dessert", its just across that road.

The fish and chips is delicious, 2 pieces of breaded white fish fried to be dipped with their tangy tar tar sauce, which i unabashedly asked for a second serving. The cafe had their music played alittle too loud for our Lord of The Rings movie session. So the night ended with a very creative and spontaneous idea by the friend. "Watch in the car" "HUH really?" The friend connected the sound system of the car and in the cold night, together with Gandulf we welcomed 2013. 

How did you celebrate New Year? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I will be going on a Groupon Deal trip for the next 2 days so do read about my trip when I get back! Good night readers.

XOXO Singapore Girl