Monday, December 30, 2013

Attending a wedding dinner at Capella Hotel Sentosa, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Weddings dinners are wonderful celebrations. Secretly, I love attending wedding dinners- while this joyous occasion for a newly-made couple sealed their relationship in the eyes of the world, as a guest I'm honoured to be invited to be part of this positivity, an atmosphere of hope, witnessing the fairytale night where the couple look so loving, just makes my heart smile. Well, this is besides the chance to buy a new expensive gown for myself to suit the attire rules and digging into the lavishly sumptuous spread in the Grand Ballroom of a 6 star hotel in Singapore. 

I have many relatives, due to the baby boom period in Singapore in the early 1960s where every parent have 4-10 children and I suppose the need to worry about expenses wasn't so imperative as it is now. And I get to attend my favourite (wedding) dinners every now and then. The next one is already written in my schedule for the middle of next year!

Today, the wedding dinner is of the Neighbour of my grandparents, whom invited my grandparents, aunts and my whole family to a table at one of the two 6- star hotels in Singapore- Capella hotel at Sentosa Island. To be honest, I did not know who the bride and groom was earlier, but I have family obligations to turn up regardless, which I happily do. 

The attire was more than formal or smart casual- it was Black Tie. For the information, black tie is a minimum of bow ties or ties with blazer for men, and long gowns and clutch bags for ladies. My jewel encrusted gown was pre ordered from overseas, a customized gown to my measurements and had the length altered for $50 in Singapore, which I thought was really expensive, but I had to get it altered no matter. Usually I alter my clothes if I have to for only $7. Was it too expensive, you think? Also, I did a comb-back of my hair into a high ponytail with curled ends, simple makeup and some accessories I bought at duty free with formal peep-toe silver heels from Bangkok. Here's a photo of my outfit of the day OOTD! Going for a neat, simple look. 

When we arrived, I directed the family, having been to birthday parties, another Black Tie ball event at Sentosa many times. My third time to Capella Hotel, but it never fails to impress, Capella Hotel is nothing short of beautiful. It's the place to hold your upscale events to host your guests. There were 2 menus placed on the round table of 10, and it was a 6 course menu with appetizer and desserts. 

They had a live music playing romantic songs. It kept the ambience alive but sometimes it was alittle too loud so we enjoyed our meals without speaking across the tables to each other.

The huge Grand Ballroom as they call it, truly lives up to its name.

Appetizers: pork belly, duck confit with foie gras ( shhh I finished my dad's share of this cholesterol loaded liver), wasabi prawn!

2nd dish: double boiled ginseng chicken soup with abalone. Eating abalone twice every month, I just had one during my trip to China just before Xmas, a treat by the relatives there. And it's free 0.0!

Diner style

4th dish: A plate of Vegetables with expensive Chinese mushroom- lingzhi and 2 other types of mushrooms. Healthy vitamin loaded dish- yummy!

Last dish: noodles and scallops and asparagus 

Desserts was buffet outside so we get to pick our favorites onto our small plates from the vast selections they have.

My dessert choices, I stopped at picking 5 only because my plate was already full. The desserts taste perfect- like those you can get from High Society caf├ęs. Well, what can we expect from Chefs of Capella hotel. 

Speeches were given by the best man, the bridesmaid, the parents of the bride and groom and the newly weds. All were respectable professionals of some sort- doctors, lawyers, lecturers and spoke very well. Related their personal stories with a tinge of humour and it certainly made my day. 

Every event is a learning experience for me, for I see the type of people I want to emulate and their strengths and courage in life. Also, the speeches so sincere, so loving, it touched my heart and i left the dinner just feeling happy that someone in this world had found their love and celebrated it with people that mean something to them. Wedding dinners and their meaning somehow always leave me feeling re-energized and leave me gleeming of hope. 

Do you love weddings too?

Singapore Girl

New Year's Resolution for Year 2014

A new year, a new chance in life, and we all hope for a better year than the one we had in 2013!

2013 has been such a turmulous year for me, I resolve to be a much better girl in the coming year in 3 days. As Straits Times have done on Saturday Times, the final days of 2013 is never a better time for reflections of the past year and forming our goals and resolutions that will path of next journey forward. Santa says I've been a naughty girl and no presents for me this year- I fell very sick from my holiday to China and recovering from food poisoning combined with a very bad flu and fever through Xmas. The only present I received was from daddy's associate, a phone casing which doubles up as a charger because he saw me once. I wrapped presents for all my relatives but I couldn't make it for all the parties at extended families and it's so sad! Xmas was home popping drowsy pills on the bed. Nonetheless, I'm better (thank god) and we pray to a better year!

My resolutions for the better Year 2014:

1) fulfill all personal responsibilities
2) fulfill all family responsibilities (which I have a lot, you have no idea)
3) follow a religion for moral reasons
4) develop moral principles and stick to it especially in tough situations. Eg. Not to lose my cool ever again, no matter how angry I may feel, at work or in life!
5) find myself and love myself better
6) no more boyfriend for many years. No more going out.

7) no more sitting in any sports cars!! Also because my parents hate it. 
8) no giving out my personal contact number to anyone who asks
9) no makeup, look ordinary
10) be happy with being by myself, peace and quiet. 

11) having only close girl friends whom I can trust and generally being even nicer than I have ever been to everyone.
12) to stick to my resolutions

I'm just an ordinary girl, but I want to be someone special.

Happy New Year readers. I'll try to update more often since I'm up and well again. Feels good to be healthy. Let's treasure every single day as we go about our routines!

Your Singapore Girl

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Top 10 signs that he/ she likes you

It's coming to end of the year and love is in the air! Everyone is hoping to find someone they can walk side by side with during special occasions especially when those days, everyone seems to be with their loved one/gf/bf/spouses.

That guy/ girl is already your friend. You may or may not like him romantically, (great if you do, then we see love blooming), but there seem to be signs that he/ she may want you to be their next love. Confused singles or not, this post if for you to confirm if your eye-candy is interested in you too! 

Great if you are also available, looking for a romatic partner, and best if you have romantic feelings for him too. On the other side, for those attached love bird, no worries, identifying these signs to could be good for yourself to prevent any further misunderstandings and pave the route for a good friendship instead. For those confused ones who is looking to see if he/she likes you back, if the top 10 signs are not displayed upon you before from your eye candy, I'm sorry, maybe you should move on to prevent any unnecessary heartaches which is clearly one-sided, and perhaps salvage what might still turn out to be a good friend.

Top 10 signs he is in love with you 

I will use "he" for convenience, and because I'm a lady. But you already know, it goes both ways.
1) He tries to talk to you everyday

2) He looks forward and asks to meet you almost every other day or whenever he is not working, having exams, on the weekends or weekday nights (note: important to differentiate excuses and real reasons darlings!)

3) He calls you so often, Afew times a week, or even Afew times a day from anywhere in this world not just Singapore, just to want to hear your voice.

4) He complements you and amplifies your strengths ever so often because you're so perfect to him at this point in time. " You're so pretty" "You're so nice" "You're so strong". Even though you never saw yourself that way... note: can be quite hard to tell if they mean it or not. Actions that he/ she does to you to see if he is a nice or not a nice person )

5) He buys you gifts, buys you dinner, sees you home when he can(walk, cab, public transport, or drive doesn't matter).

6) He hints it outrightly because he thinks you may not realize it. "I think you're such a great girl" "I like you". Ending it with a ha ha ha. Ok that was not so awkward......

7) He suggests places and fun things you both can do together all the time! He's always thinking of some fun bonding activities you can do during the next potential time out. Also at the same time, give himself a proper reason to ask you out. "Let's go to Bangkok" "banyan tree villas are so nice can go" "let's go eat xplacex next time!"

8) You're always sneezing as they say, as someone is thinking of you! 

9) He is always there for you, and promises to be. No matter you are up or down, left or right, and wishing the best for you, sincerely. Just a call away, just a quick text message response away, just a drive away, just a bus away.

10) Gut feeling. Ladies have it stronger, sorry boys! If you're reading this post because of the title, you're probably right about whether he likes you or isn't interested/ just not that into you!

Happy reading, and always loving the people around you, be it family, friends, or even strangers. 

#2 Love Guru Singapore Girl
PS As I've said, I'll be blogging more about love issues sometimes when I get the right muse, but you can leave your comment below if you ever want to ask me something perplexing you. Don't be shy.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bigger family dinners: Yan Ting @ St. Regis Hotel Singapore

The new year is going to arrive again, how time flies. One year after the next seem to pass so quickly after the age of 21, years in 20s seem to fly by me. Nonetheless, a good place to hold close family or for reunion dinners for the extended family, like mine, will be at Yan Ting at St. Regis Hotel Singapore, 29 Tanglin Road. St. Regis is the only 5 star hotel in Singapore, to my knowledge and the chinese restaurant situated there is fantastically cosy and the ambience is perfect for fine chinese dining with familys peppered with jokes and chit chats, accompanied by food no short of delicious.

"Enjoy the innovative interpretations of classic Cantonese cuisine at the award-winning Chinese restaurant Yan Ting at The St. Regis Singapore."

The Chinese New Year tradition every year, "lou yu sang" meaning to toss high in the air (the higher the better), raw salmon and other ingredients on the big plate with a group of close family or friends. The other ingredients include carrots, the crispy fried crackers, etc.

With super long chopsticks for Yan Ting is thoughtful, knowing that it will be uncomfortably crowded when we all gather together to Lou/ toss it high. Higher tossing, more luck!

Half-way during the dinner, while waiting for my Braised Fish Maw Broth with Conpoy, took a picture of the menu. As always, we always have a decided menu printed out on every table arranged by a family member, so that all of us know what we will be having and anticipate our next dish during our 7-course dish.

Forth dish: Steamed Sea Perch, taste like Cod fish! Healthy and full of vitamins and proteins. Did not take photos of all dishes because I think I might have be too busy enjoying the food. Sorry missed out some!

Suckling pig with thin slices of bun and dark thick soya sauce. A tradition, always.

I asked for water and it came with a straw- which is nicely packed and sealed for hygiene purposes. Effort points and so detailed besides serving delicious food, this is the icing on top of the cake!

Second last dish before the dessert. Omg, you have no idea, at this stage, we are all so full, everyone all my relatives are mumbling so. Definitely couldnt finish this. We always order 7-8 course meals for tradition I suppose? But after the fifth dish usually, we're all SO FULL. Happily full. 

Dessert. Finally! You can hear everyone heave a sigh of relief and laughter going around by this time. There is 2 choices of from the menu as you can see and I chose the aloe vera with nian gao. My house used to grow aloe vera by the way, I always get to drink this cooling homemade dessert drink every day while I was a little girl.

Just for illustration purposes, my parents used to cut the plants like this:

I am a lucky girl. I'll prepare this drink for my kid when Im a mum next time (ha ha). Generational family tradition I call it. Actually anyone can grow this, you just need a pot or some soil. Try it, maybe you've got some gardener talent, never know!

At the end of the day, aunt passed me the complimentary ticket because parking at St. Regis Hotel is expectedly expensive, so is every parking in Singapore, whereever you may be, especially on a crowded and popular weekend night. St Regis Yan Ting is definitely a place to get away from the crowd and a respectable place to be when dining with close family members.

Since Chinese New Year (CNY) 2014 is round the corner in less than 2 months, if you're planning for a family reunion at a place undecided, might want to try for Yan Ting. However, please be prepared for the prices, my guess is it might be above $60-$180 per person depending on the courses you choose. I am really not sure, but it was certainly a great day there and then. I had a second reunion dinner with my extended family members, this time with a family friend, and much much nicer food. Next post!

Singapore Girl wishes everyone a coming happy CNY 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to get a wealthy/ rich Singaporean man in 5 quick steps

Love is real and true, love is primary, innate. But sadly and harshly honest, love is to some people who live in cities where money grows beyond just a means; money is love. Love is money? I'm not surprised the recent year debate into "Are Singaporean Girls are materialistic? Should they be so?" Making all grown man groan. Girls in huge denials. In the media recently, there is so recent 2011 survey on young adults by the Singapore Management University (SMU) starting the big hooha that Singaporean Girls score higher than Americans on materialism ranks, followed by Singapore's online video journalism Razor TV interviews and Stomp Seen this year regarding this pertinent issue. Even Aung Sun Suu Kyi poked at the country of apparent "Materialism". 

A topic I'd love to delve about, but now, I'm about to fan it. So, what is materialism? From the SMU survey, Singaporean Girls ranked social status/ career as their top requirement in looking for a man next kindess, while Americans ranked kindness as more important, then looks. We understand that this is not a good representation, and like you, reader, I certainly deep down value relationship more than any form of paper in the world, but for the sake of Singapore girls, non Singapore Girls out there who are looking for a rich Singapore man for whatever reasons (receiving gift worth a few hundreds of dollars each time, going for lavish parties, events, country clubs, having him drive you, living life in luxury),  this post is for you! As Singapore enters into the Guinness World list for its scary numbers of millionaires in the world, there is no lack of pie to pick, they're everywhere, psst sometimes too many of them! 

This post is not referring to anyone and to my v rich Singaporean male friends, sorry, a pinch of salt! I will do a post on more issues on love when I am free to do so. Also, if there's any questions you have for me or a topic you want me to blog/talk about, plz comment and I'll look at it <3 

5 Easy Steps to get a rich man in 5 months from now

1. You can get to know a very rich man by afew ways: luck, going out all the time, a friend'a party, friend's friend. Basically, just step out of the house, even at work, who knows?

2. Always look clean, neat and contented, you don't have to always be smiling. 

3. Don't ever be mean, because a very rich man doesn't write "IM RICH BE NICE TO ME HOR" on his forehead, and ugly behavior, rudeness is a turn off for everyone, and your future rich man. In fact always have a nice demeanor. Who knows maybe your price charming has always been right. Next. To. You.

4. Dream about it, because having a goal gets you where you want to be.

5. Wait. Waiting patiently for things to happen. Because if it's meant to be, you're meant to be rich, you will eventually be.

Tada! 5 essential steps to attain a true Singaporean Prince Charming, advise from your true blood typical Singaporean Girl. But do note that on the side, eventually getting for a rich man might not be all that good- 1) He may not be who you really love, you only love him for the money. 2) He is rich because of work, and be prepared to spend a lot of time neglected, can you? 3) Dating v rich man with amazing car, ALL the girls faun over them like, if they throw themselves on your man, is the attention worth it? 

I rather a man to myself, a normal guy, whom I truly love, the one for me that Life  has decided

Love Guru Singapore Girl

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Love is....


After disappearing and solving my emoness, I'm back to talk about the most important basic need of all human beings, focussing on love life and relationships. This is a very interesting topic that infiltrates most of our thoughts "that hot girl" "wah David Beckham", all these the beginning thoughts of a process that will lead us to finding what we really want, to be loved by that special soul mate for the rest of our lives. Even though some hate to admit it. Well, 

Love is,

1) Compatibility
2) Right Person
3) Right Time

4) Knowing exactly what you want
5) Once you have him/her/anything, appreciate him the best you can 
6) If you're meant to be, you are
7) Do not even think about stealing others because it will ensure that life journey will be harder than others. Good luck!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Battle with myself

If you're feeling down and blame it on your pre/post- menstrual syndrome (PMS), perhaps something is bothering you. It may be trival enough as life always throws us with obstacles as long as you are human. Ask the most successful, the richest and the list goes on, they will always have life problems- psychological, career, money issues, morality choices (however rare these days?!), physical, and at its core, emotional issues.

For those out there who are often put in the grey and lost at what to do to solve your problems right now, you're not alone. Regardless, things always manage to solve itself in a way very unexpected and we just continue to navigate our life from there. My hope to all my readers out there that your problems will come and go and stay happy! Hope that life won't be so tough for you and me. Finally, leaving with with an interesting quote I found while trying to reach Nirvada. Enjoy.

Quoted from a comment on

"Take a wander through the labyrinths of your mind; no doubt you will encounter memories and hang-ups on which you do not wish to dwell. 
But dwell you must. 
It is often easier to pretend to ourselves that such bad vibrations from our past do not exist. But it is our aim to meet them head-on and subsequently banish them from our lives forever. 
An untreated hang-up can fester and mutate into a parasitic and malignant growth which will gnaw away at the fabric of the mind’s inner sanctum.
These hang-ups can result in severely limiting any attempt to achieve the freedom to live a natural existence free of the mental shackles that today’s society has put us in.
It is thus Self-Freedom that you must seek as you commence your journey through the dark and mysterious cerebral corridors of your sub consciousness.
There is only one road that leads to Self-Freedom; we shall call it the Avenue of Veracity. 
Warning; the Avenue of Veracity is not easy to navigate. There are likely to be many hazards and pitfalls along the way. Numerous temptations to quit will be dangled enticingly in front of you, conjured up by your own sub consciousness.
The most inviting of these temptations will be to follow the exit sign that reads ‘Easy Way Out’. 
The Avenue of Veracity can be dark and unpleasant for it is contaminated with impurities that must be purged in order to complete your mission. As the psychological toxins are expunged, the cleansing process will open doors that provide access to the Inner Truth. This is when you will have succeeded in reaching the Temple of Self-Freedom, which is where the Avenue of Veracity always leads to.
You shall then experience the lifting of a great burden, as realisation dawns, heralding a new era of philosophical enlightenment
The journey will take you through uncharted territory but you will not get lost if you follow your heart".

Frequently Emo Singapore Girl