Monday, December 31, 2012

Special Xmas at Nassim Road SG

The Christian tradition is to celebrate Xmas for 12 days, so the popular songs goes. Today upon a random mention by the friend who saw an article about elaborate Xmas decorations someone had built around his house, we set off for upscale Nassim Road. Its said to be so well decorated that thee friend was saying neighbors rang his doorbell to tell him how nice his decorations were! You can find the article here: Apparently he has won awards for his beautifully and extravagantly decorated house in the past 3 years! Budget of $100000, my guess of $50000 was wrong. After having Astons for dinner, the friend mentioned "lets head to Nassim Road" as he told me about the news. "Huh? Now? " I said, now that I've been there, I humbly take my words back. Lucky for you guys, especially those that are reading and too busy to head down, I hope I snapped enough photos to capture the pretty decos! Of course, nothing beats the seeing the real LED colours light up in front of you. The amazing view makes you want to go tra la la la la lalalala.

When you're there, you can't help wondering: who is this guy? Who built freaking orchard road lights in / around his house for the public to view. How rich is he that he can do something like a charity, probably to thank the masses for indirectly helping him to amass his super wealth. "Ah the lights only cost me a few hundred " if their language is in thousands. He's close to a billionaire I would guess, so these $100000 or more is like $1 to us. Money but not a painful pinch. He's like ahh just take it la!!! I'm kidding

Something about food, cravings for Astons today. Honestly, I've never eaten Astons before until middle this year when I was working near an outlet! Yes and I am missing out. Now, I'll find an Ashtons wherever I am if their baked potato- cooked to perfection 10/10 comes to mind. I have a bad habit of eating the same thing all the time once I fall in love with it. I never deviate from my chargrill chicken with baked potatoes and tasty rice- oh really this tasty rice is what it is named. I suppose they add garlic, carrots, chili, chive, seasoning and rice cooked to a certain softness.

But... 12 midnight and Astons is not open for you greedy stomach?? I've tried my hand at baking potatoeS a couple days back and today I cooked mince pork soup, love Chinese cuisine. Soup makes a non carb meal yet fills the demanding stomach with your favourite ingredients at the same time! A hot soup warms up a cold night of staring into the computer reading Facebook updates. Here are some photos to share, they're really simple to make, faster than Maggie Mee if you know the recipe! Good night readers!

XOXO Singapore Girl

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